Configuring an email client

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Mozilla Thunderbird
#For Outgoing server use “”
[ ===Mozilla Thunderbird===]
#Load Thunderbird and Click click on the tools menu:
#Select “Account Settings”
#Select “Add Account”
#Select “Email Account”
#Input your Name and Email Address(either form of the latter is's a reply-to address)
#Select “IMAP”
#Input incoming server as “”
#Input your personal information(username is same as UNIX name)
#Now, back at the original box entitled “Account settings,” Look at the list on the left and select “Outgoing Server”
#Click “Edit”
#For Outgoing Server use “”Make sure the port number is 25.
#Check the “Use Name and Password” under the Security Authentication box
A more comprehensive list of setting up older versions of Microsoft Outlook or other programs [ here].