Printing over the network

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On a PC:
*Find the type of the printer you want to install (some listed [ here]). All public printers are HP, usually laserjet 5m, 4000, 4050, 4100. If you can't find the right one, select something close to it.
*The installation should complete on its own, and the printer will come up as an option the next time you try to print.
====On a PC (without Novell installed):====
*Go to "Printers and Faxes"
*Click "Add a Printer"
*Click Next and then Next again for "Local printer attached to this computer"
*Choose the "Create a new port" bullet and Scroll down to "Standard TCP/IP port"
*Click Next and then Next again
*Type in the name of the printer you want installed followed by "", e.g.
*Click Next twice, then wait a while
*Follow the same instructions as above for choosing the type of printer to install
====Mac OSX 10.4:====