Noteworthy E-mails

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queer bash e-mails; is there a better way to organize all of this?
This page provides a listing of noteworthy e-mails, both official and student. Only correspondance are correspondence of historical interest should be listed recorded here. The following messages concern the Queer Bash E-mail [[QBE]] controversy of 2003. The correspondence began with an e-mail sent to the WSO all-campus list on October 10, 2003 by Nate Winstanley '04 to advertise the annual Queer Bash party  <blockquote>:Do you find David Bowie incredibly sexy? :Do you still wear leg warmers and fishnets? :Do you have more bracelets than Madonna in Like a Virgin? :Are you not a virgin? :Do you want to see Williams students shed their fleece jackets in favor of semi-nudity? :If you answered yes to any of these questions, you definitely want to come down to the glam-rock fantastic QUEER BASH - TONIGHT at GOODRICH from 10-2. Rockin music and wild wild people... It just doesn=B9t get any better.</blockquote> Brandon Lucien ’07 replied directly to Winstanley: <blockquote>:i thought of an idea, an email such as this one must NEVER be sent to me again, never. therefore, i am saying: take me off of the queer bash party list and all other queer events. :most grateful, :luc</blockquote> Winstanley replied: <blockquote>:It was an all campus email, filtered by WSO for content. :If it offends you, delete it. :I'd rather not get emails from a lot of groups, but I deal. :And so should you. :-nate</blockquote> Lucien responded: <blockquote>:or another idea: send ur flippin emails ta all ur queer friends and no one else...BINGO (the light goes on) :deal that</blockquote> Jon Pritchard '07 responded directly to Winstanley's original message with: <blockquote>:Why dont u faggots keep to ur god damn selves. You people disgust me. I keep my heterosexuality to myself. Why dont you queers keep to yourselves. I almost threw up when i saw all that crap you people wrote on the sidewalks last week. You're all goin to hell. It was adam and eve, not adam and steve. :-Jon Pritchard</blockquote> Winstanley responed to Pritchard: <blockquote>:Your email has been forwarded to the deans office, the president and the committee on diversity. You should have done a better job on your grammar. :Do not email me back. :-Nate Winstanley</blockquote> The ''Record'' [ reported] that these e-mail exchanges occured between the 11th and 14th of October. Winstanley forwarded all e-mails to College Administrators after he received the one from Pritchard.
The following three message concern the [[Nigaleian]] scandal of 2004.