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There are at least three ways to get to Boston for a given weekend.

  1. The Peter Pan/Bonanza bus leaves out of the Williams Inn at 10 AM every morning and 4 PM every afternoon. There are stops in Pittsfield and Springfield. Each way takes four hours and costs $44. There is no round-trip discount. You can reserve a ticket by calling up the Williams Inn, or just showing up to the front desk a few minutes before the bus leaves. It is not the most pleasant ride, however. On the way back, a student was left at the Pittsfield station late at night and told by the bus driver that the next bus may or may not show up that night (taxi costs $40 from Pittsfield to Williamstown). Also, prepare to be pan-handled in Springfield.
  2. Amtrak runs a line from Pittsfield (leaves 2:06 PM) to Boston (arrives 6:20 PM) that costs $27 round-trip. It tends to be up to several hours late, but is a comfortable ride for the price. However, you'll still need to figure out how to get to Pittsfield.
  3. Find someone with a car and offer to pay for gas.
  4. There is a BRTA bus stop right by the Pittsfield amtrack station. It only costs 3 dollars to get to williamstown, but it takes about 2.5 hours. You get on the bus to north adams which goes a very roundaboubt way, then catch the bus going to williamstown.