Brent Yorgey

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Brent Yorgey graduated from Williams in 2004. During his time as a student, he was involved with Williams Students Online and the Williams Christian Fellowship, and sang with the Ephlats, the Concert Choir, and Chamber Choir. His living quarters included Sage F 105 ('00-'01), Dennett 216 (which no longer exists as such -- '01-'02), Currier N24 ('02-'03), what is now Prospect 404, sort of (summer '03), and Thompson 302 ('03-'04). He majored officially in Computer Science and unofficially in Mathematics. He currently lives with his wife Joyia Chadwick ('05) in Washington, DC, where he teaches high school computer science and mathematics.

Brent also co-wrote, directed, and produced the widely acclaimed film Secret of the Sock Monkey, along with Steve Winslow ('04).