Co-op Pick 2006

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This page attempts to provide a mechanism for students to coordinate their co-op picks in 2006. Basic idea is that people with high picks can let others know where they intend to pick so that lower ranked students can focus their energies accordingly. Groups may also try to coordinate on specific houses. Initial idea due to Thomas Kindred. Please edit this page by inserting your group (and likely selection) at the appropriate spot.

People should feel free to add notes about their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the house in order to increase the likelihood that housemates from different pick groups will get along. Note also that the page history tab below provides information on at least one likely pick group member. Sure would be nice, though , if names were provided by all. Honesty and openness is the way of the Eph.

Hopefully, sly intimidation tactics under the guise of straightforwardness are not the ways of the Eph. Seriously you guys, be greatful you got a high Co-Op pick, don't whine or try to weasle your way into the one you deem "the best" by scaring people out of picking into it. Take advice from a current Co-Op inhabitant, it will all work out--you will have amazing senior years with your friends no matter what house you live in. (Oh, and if you are going to visit us, please do so at a reasonable hour).

Pick # Pick Size Possible Location Group Members

  1. 6 Milham. Laura Lee, Emily Button, Devin Yagel, Jen Menzies, Allegra Funsten, Angela Doyle.
  2. 7 Doughty <-- In the event that we end up in Doughty with four extra rooms, I feel obliged to mention that we already have four vegetarians who are extraordinarily squeamish about the presence of meat and beer and noise. In fact, they hate it when I blast my music. --> Chung, Parsons, Koppe, Moscoe, Platt, Martin, Montgomery.
  3. 4 Milham - This is to groups 1 and 2: you are expressing a lot of aversion to having parties, and to meat, etc. Have you considered living together? It seems that you have very similar desires. Chadbourne and Woodbridge, for example, hold 15 people and are supposed to be extremely nice. (question, how are you guys going to deal with having too many people for the house? is one droping out?)We are dropping one person to live there...We just want our presence in the house for the right to party...we owe it to the williams community!!!!!
  4. 7 Lambert Elizabeth Pierce, Natalie Vokes, Alison Penning, Katie Baldiga, Courtney Gainer, Kate Geohagen, Colleen Gerritty
  5. 6 We are sorry if our over-enthusiasm offended any group tonight. With such a high pick we got a little ahead of ourselves and thought that we would have the house of our dreams. We will see you all tomorrow and hope that we can discuss all of this in person. Goodnight. (Ali Beswick, Kate Whipple, Cathleen Clark, Meghan Guinee, Pilar, and Rebecca)
  6. 8: still shopping... melissa bota, erika haydu, kate larabee, maggie lowenstein, karen olson, christina perron, haley tone, ellen wilk
  7. 6 Susie H, the Rectory, and/or Poker. Thomas Kindred, Owen Simpson, Connor Quinn, Ross Kravitz, Ryan Gerrity, Giorgio Mosoni.
  8. 3 (Rumor has it these people are going off-campus)
  9. 6 Alex Hogan, Caroline Doctor, Danielle Grunwald, Brian Van Wyck, Matt Davis and Eileen Douglas--(hey pick 6, where you guys going?)
  10. 7 Tyler Auer, Dougbert, Benjamin Echols, Norman Nicholson, Snacktime, Zachary Grossman, Perry Fridley
  11. 4 Liz Spragins, Meghan MacNaughty, Helen Selonick, Rachel Jordan. if we get stuck with the rectory we're taking schow. by force. and that includes the eco cafe. we'll even bake for everyone. (bring your own meat or beer, we provide cookies only)
  12. 5 Caitlin Sullivan, Ashley McDonnell, Elizabeth Dill, Ann Levin, Lexi Augustine
  13. 4
  14. 9 MILHAM! MILHAM! Martha Rogers, Laura McCarthy, Cailin Collins, Sarah Chuzi, Krista Nylen, Sara Echenique, Ariel Ramchandani, Ashley Sewell, Abby Southard
  15. 8 Auyon Mukharji, Dave Mukharji, Dan Mukharji, Sura Mukharji, Dave Mukharji, Paul Mukharji, Chris Mukharji, Merritt. We're going for Sawyer unless anything else is available (co op)
  16. 7
  17. 8 Anywhere. with Poker Flats as the last option.
  18. 4 Charles Howard, Scot Murray, Brendan Fulmer, Will Curtiss.
  19. 3
  20. 10
  21. 2 Seulghee Lee + Rob Bland (go Rob!)
  22. 5
  23. 6 Tessa Kelly, Nick Gallucci, Hallie Davison, Anna Morrison, Steve Spinelli, Rachel Williams
  24. 1
  25. 6
  26. 5
  27. 6
  28. 5
  29. 6 Off Campus
  30. 7
  31. 4
  32. 4 Off Campus...guaranteed parties with meat, beer, and noise!
  33. 4 Anywhere that's not Poker. I feel like I should mention that we'll go for Lambert or Doughty if we get the chance. Although we are a fun group of girls who like to have fun, we are not up to having huge obnoxious parties where people turn bathrooms into vomitoriums. Just because some where is a "traditional" party house, doesn't mean it should stay that way. (Jonaya Kemper, Ebonie Little, Kat Jong, Allison Smith)
  34. 4 - Guess we are pretty screwed hunh? It's okay dude, we've still got George Harrison.
  36. 7 WXC
  37. Don't discount us just because we're last. We're the dark horse candidates. We're expecting to clench a come-from-behind victory in the midnight hour.