Co-op Pick 2006

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Now that the co-op draw has ended this page can serve as a way to figure out where everyone is living: off and on campus.


Nils Craig-Muller, Samuel Gates Peckham, Jose Valenzuela



Ananda V. Burra Daniel Aiello Devin Schweppe Carolyn Skudder

Susie Hopkins

The Rectory


Meghan MacNaughton, Rachel Jordan, Liz Spragins, Helen Selonick


Poker Flats

Poker A

Poker B

  1. Larry Dworkin

Poker C

  1. Doug Hammond (of "this guy's leaving" fame)
  2. Tyler Auer
  3. Perry Fridley
  4. Ben Echols
  5. Zach Grossman
  6. Norman Nicolson

Poker D

  1. Thomas Kindred
  2. Connor Quinn
  3. Giorgio Mosoni
  4. Owen Simpson
  5. Ryan Gerrity
  6. Curly Haired Ross Kravitz

Poker E

  1. Rohan Mehra

Poker F

  1. Abby Southard
  2. Ashley Sewell