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! title||location
! title||location
|Clue||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Coupling, Seasons 1-2, 4||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|To Kill a Mockingbird||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|The Office (Complete BBC) ||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Psycho||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Vertigo||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Alfred Hitchcock Presents||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Fargo||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Annie Hall||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|The Seven Samurai||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Ran||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|A Clockwork Orange||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|2001: A Space Odyssey||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Dr. Strangelove||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Three Amigos!||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|No Direction Home||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|The Reduced Shakespeare Company||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|The Pink Panther||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Pulp Fiction||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Monty Python and the Holy Grail||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|The Life of Brian||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Monty Python Live||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Take the Money and Run||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Chinatown||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|1776||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|The Rutles: All You Need is Cash||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Citizen Kane||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Fellowship of the Ring||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|The Two Towers||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Kung Fu Hustle||Dennett ([http://wso.williams.edu/facebook/view?unix=08mjg Morgan Goodwin])
|Kung Fu Hustle||Dennett ([http://wso.williams.edu/facebook/view?unix=08mjg Morgan Goodwin])

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This will be a parallel to books you're welcome to borrow

Note: DIVX means it can only be played on a computer with a DIVX compatible program, but the file is on burned CD. see (DIVX)

Does anyone think it would be a good idea to add a column for language of film?

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title location
Kung Fu Hustle Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Dr. Strangelove Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Alexander Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Lolita Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Himalaya Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Legends of the Fall Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Kinsey Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
The Red Violin Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Tora!Tora!Tora! Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
2046 Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
The Last Emperor of China Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Cheerleading Ninjas Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(new) Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
In the Mood for Love Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Hotel Rwanda Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Apocalypse Now Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Water World Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Harry Potter III Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Harry Potter IV DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Enter the Dragon (chinese only) Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
War Games DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
The Shining DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Bowling for Columbine DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Girl Next Door DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Shrek DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Harold and Kumar DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
American Beauty DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Reservoir Dogs DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Elf DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Usual Suspects DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Trainspotting DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Kill Bill Vol. 2 DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Lost in Translation DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Dodge Ball DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Finding Neverland DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Animal House DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Requiem for a Dream DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
The Italian Job DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Jungle Book DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
House of Flying Daggers DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Donnie Darko DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Napoleon Dynomite DIVX Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Secondhand Lions Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Captain Corelli's Mandolin Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
The Last Samurai Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
A River Runs Through it Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Mind the Addiction TGR Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Master and Commander Dennett (Morgan Goodwin)
Kramer vs. Kramer Mark Hopkins (Rahul Shah)
Life is Beautiful Mark Hopkins (Rahul Shah)
Sarkar Mark Hopkins (Rahul Shah)
Singles Mark Hopkins (Rahul Shah)
Airplane Mark Hopkins (Rahul Shah)
Airplane II: The Sequel Mark Hopkins (Rahul Shah)
Hera Pheri Mark Hopkins (Rahul Shah)
Iqbal Mark Hopkins (Rahul Shah)
Top Secret! Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Transformers The Movie Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Galaxy Quest Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Edward Scissorhands Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Spider-Man Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Spider-Man 2 Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Short Circuit Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
The New Guy Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
The Perfect Score Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Underworld Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Kung Pow! Enter the Fist Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Star Wars: A New Hope Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Star Wars Trilogy Bonus Materials Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Collateral Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
The Punisher Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Unbreakable Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Spaceballs Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Red vs Blue: Season 1 Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Red vs Blue: Season 2 Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Red vs Blue: Season 3 Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Spriggan Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Transformers: Beast Wars: Season 2 Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Transformers: Beast Wars: Season 3 Fayerweather (Erik Morton)
Paranoia Agent: The whole season DIVX Fayerweather (Erik Morton)