Deadly Ten

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Officially known as the Deadly Ten '08.

Despite William's small size and the fact that everyone seems to know everyone, or is at least connected to them somehow, it remains a fact that it's impossible to know everyone. And there are some people that it REALLY seems impossible to know, for one reason or another.

The Deadly Ten is a list of ten sophomores that, if you knew all of them, you would spontaneously die, because it would be physically impossible.

I don't know all of the deadly ten, because i'm not dead.

But here are some guesses:

1. Sara Carian: Pretty obscure. Most people think she's a senior. And since she's going to Oxford next year, it'll look like she was.

2.) Ben Wood: Silent, but deadly.

3.) Hope Tammany. Often called with Tamanny Hope. She's that sidelined.

4.) Paci.

5.) ????

6.) ?????

7.) ??????

8.) ???

9.) ???????

10.) ???????