Dodd House

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Dodd 315

Double with it's own bathroom. Weird things: sink is inside room not inside bathroom. ONLY one closet for two people! Bring long extension cords AND ethernet cords because the jacks and power outlets are in the worst places possible. I had to wire my ethernet cable over the door to get it from my computer to the jack. Oh and for anyone living on the third floor, it gets hot as hell in the winter.

Dodd 316

Birthplace of Jonah McCleary, well-known demon from the 1870's. Rumor has it that if you mix whiskey, birth-control pills, and vitamin-fortified cough drops, then pass out in here, you'll dream that you've travelled back to the 1870's. Williams wasn't always a college... it used to be a mining hospital... and people came here with terrible mining injuries. Look for blood on the walls and white sheets, horrific screams, and a slow beat/grating sound to confirm a successful dream-travel experience.