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The Ephlats are a coed a cappella singing group that sings a variety of musical styles, with an emphasis on accesible pop music. It is the oldest continuously running a cappella group on campus (48 years), though the group has been through changes over the years; for example, during the 60's the group actually used guitars and a gong. The Ephlats are known to be the best looking student organization on campus.

The current ('05-'06) members of the Ephlats are:


Sasha Gsovski '06 (President)


Nirmal Deshpande '07
Liz Spragins '07 (Musical Director)


Constantine Mavroudis '08
Steve Melis '08
Trevor Newman '08
Kate Peterson '08
Andrew Wang '08
Caitlin Warthin '08


Helen Hatch '09
Kate Johnson '09
Jessica Kopcho '09
Buckly Marshall '09
Zach Safford '09
Stefanie Williams '09
Dan Winston '09

Visit the Ephlats online at http://www.ephlats.com !