Gladden House

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Gladden is a house in the Greylock Quad, named for Washington Gladden, Class of 1859, who wrote the song The Mountains. Gladden tends to be one of the noisier Greylock Quad houses, hosting many loud parties.

Spate of Gladden destructive behavior in early 2006

On March 15, 2006, the Williams Record reported that:

A pair of illegal bonfires burned brightly into the night outside of Gladden last Tuesday and Friday, resulting in a Campus Safety and Security investigation and significant consequences for house residents. A number of students now face the possibility of relocation to new rooms outside of Gladden or even suspension if property damage continues in and around the dorm. Recent damages include several broken windows and a TV destroyed after being thrown out of a fourth story window.
“We are very concerned about the pattern of behavior in Gladden,” Dean Roseman said. “If things in Gladden don’t stop, students will either be assigned to other rooms on campus, or they will be required to leave the College as part of a disciplinary sanction.”

Just one week earlier, on March 8, 2006, the Record reported:

Across Route 2 in Gladden, Saturday night saw a serious physical altercation between two Williams students and an MCLA student, who sustained serious injuries. According to Dave Boyer, Director of Campus Safety and Security, the MCLA student sustained lacerations under both eyes and experienced internal bleeding and a possible separated shoulder. The Williamstown Police Department responded to the fight. At this point, the dean’s office has not taken any disciplinary action in response to the fight.

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