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I-Peers, "International Peers," is a coalition of Williams of foreign citizenship serving prospective and incoming international students by facilitating their preparation for, and transition into, life at Williams.


  • Assist incoming international students, recent US immigrants, and US citizens living abroad adjust to the culture and educational system here
  • Act as a medium directing them to other on-campus resources and support groups
  • Share experiences, be mentors
  • Contact admitted students over the summer to answer their questions, provide important academic and non-academic information, and make them feel welcome by building trust and friendship prior to their arrival
  • Provide insight into life at Williams to prospective students


  • Train the I-Peers on basic counseling skills regarding
    • dealing with culture shock,
    • comforting others on emotional issues, and
    • communicating ideas and information effectively
  • Assignment of several I-Frosh to each I-Peer, with whom the I-Peer will remain in regular informal contact throughout the year
  • Weekly office hours in Paresky to provide I-Frosh with advice and assistance
  • Regular meeting of the I-Peers to discuss their experiences with the I-Frosh, as well as other relevant issues related to the student body
  • Social get-togethers for I-Frosh and I-Peers to facilitate the building of meaningful relationships
  • Presence of I-Peers at orientation events during First Days
  • Maintaining liaison with relevant administrative offices and student organizations of the College.


Listed in alphabetical order by first name, with country of origin.

If you are interested to learn more about I-Peers, please contact Leanne (ll1@), Ceyhun (cca1@) or Tanvir (10tmh@).