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iTunes is Apple's free player and organizer of music files of many formats. Available for both PC and the Mac OS, iTunes is a good program to know well because it is probably the method by which most people on this campus share their music.

Share Your Music

Join the music community! Share your files, and earn the gratitude of people who don't even know you as you allow them to taste of the fruits of your labors (or piracy).

1) Enable the "Share my music" option in iTunes' preferences. Be sure to choose a spiffy name for your collection that will encourage others to check out your jams. You can share all your music, or just music in selected playlists. People viewing your collection will see the playlists you've given access to, so consider giving them helpful, and non-embarassing names. You might want to avoid sharing that Make Out playlist you made for your girlfriend.

2) Tell others what your iTunes name is. Login to wso and edit your facebook info to add your iTunes name. This ensures that, when your collection becomes legendary as a monument to good taste, you will be able to claim your rightful reputation as the man or woman behind the myth.

3) OS X only: maximize your sharing potential by circumventing the 5 per day limit on people you share with. (Only necessary with iTunes 4.8 and greater.)

Search for Music

Looking for a particular song? Beef up your iTunes capabilities with OurTunes, an ugly but extremely useful Java program compatible with all major operating systems. OurTunes will allow you to search the network to see if anyone has a song you want.