In Support of the Log

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On January 27, College Council passed the following resolution in support of re-opening the log. If you support the following resolution, please add your name to the petition.

2009-2010 Williams College Council

Resolution 08-0910 Introduced on January 13, 2010

Author(s): Ifiok Inyang ’11 Co-Sponsor(s): Michael Tcheyan ’10 and Emanuel Yekutiel

A statement of support and sponsorship for the reopening of The Log

WHEREAS The Log is a College institution steeped in tradition that has been enjoyed and cherished by several generations of students.

WHEREAS The Log has been closed since late 2007 and had been operating in a reduced capacity for the 5 previous years.

WHEREAS A reopened Log could serve as a venue for a diverse array of students, faculty, staff, and authorized guests to come together and share in an eclectic blend of positive social activities.

WHEREAS A reopened Log will have a subdued, pub-like atmosphere that encourages moderation: Programming plans include events such as open mic nights and literary readings along with pub quizzes and other creative events – no dance parties.

WHEREAS Along with a selection of alcoholic beverages, the bar will also serve juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea, gourmet sandwiches, baked goods, and light snacks.

WHEREAS A wristband ID system and highly trained staff will ensure that the venue, which will be open from Thursday to Saturday between the hours of 7 p.m. and midnight, operates in a safe, responsible, and successful manner.

LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Williams College Council:

1. Supports the reopening of the Log as a bar for the benefit of Williams students, faculty, staff, and authorized guests.

2. Endorses and agrees to sponsor the reopened Log as a vital and beneficial student space.

3. Commits up to $20,000 to financially supporting the reopening of the Log through the means at its disposal should the operation run a deficit. This guarantee is contingent upon the College administration’s approval of a plan to reopen the Log as a bar as well as the administration’s support for the startup costs of this project. The amount of guaranteed financial support is significant in relation to the semester operating costs of the Log.

4. Will devise a means for financing deficits should the Log run them, to be determined by the Treasurer in consultation with other Council members.

5. Will assess its support of the Log at the end of the 2009-2010 academic year, and does not guarantee financial support for the operation beyond this point.

First Reading: January 13, 2010

Adopted by Council on January 27, 2010, by a vote of 14-2-3

In support of the Log:

  1. Elizabeth Brickley
  2. Leah Lansdowne
  3. Emily Rockett
  4. Jason Copelas
  5. David Moore
  6. Katie Blankshain
  7. Chandler Sherman
  8. Alex Beecher
  9. Abigail Martin
  10. Tim Lengel
  11. Adam Century
  12. William Harron
  13. Elizabeth Jimenez
  14. Veronica Rabelo
  15. Hannah Rosenthal
  16. Michael Semensi
  17. Alyson Hoffman
  18. Stephanie Brooks
  19. Christina Liu
  20. Danielle Diuguid
  21. Steve Mendoza
  22. Omer Khalayleh
  23. James Ray
  24. Michelle Almeida
  25. Shinelle Edwin
  26. Samuel Brinkley
  27. Javier Mariscal
  28. Margaret Richmond
  29. Jack Wadden
  30. Nicholas Lee
  31. Daniel Gura
  32. Stefan Ward-Wheten
  33. Joe Skitka
  34. Fiona Wilkes
  35. David Michael
  36. Dae Selcer
  37. Zeb Levine
  38. Matt Sullivan
  39. Jake Levinson
  40. Ralph Morrison
  41. Christopher Liguori
  42. Allie Goldberg
  43. Adam Baron
  44. Andy Quinn
  45. Maria Claudia Galvez
  46. Sarah Franklin
  47. Janna Gordon
  48. Rebecca Shoer
  49. Melissa Kemp
  50. Xiomara Pinto
  51. Thomas Coleman
  52. Wilson Barr
  53. Will Piereson
  54. Cat Vielma
  55. Steph Berger
  56. David Blitzer
  57. Madeleine Nyhagen
  58. Kate Gallagher
  59. Sylvia Molina
  60. Mary Beth Daub
  61. Sarah Caitlin Eley
  62. Noah Wentzel
  63. Peter Huang
  64. Heath Pruitt
  65. Kwame Poku
  66. Evan Skorpen
  67. Meg Steer
  68. Aras Holden
  69. David Gold
  70. Eliza Elliotte
  71. Sameer Aryal
  72. Nancy Wang
  73. Jenni Ewing
  74. Elizabeth Dorr
  75. Emma Pelegri-O'Day
  76. Lizzie Barcay
  77. Jacob Walls
  78. Kathryn Zipps
  79. Felix Owusu
  80. Kristen Sinicariello
  81. Emily Maclary
  82. Jimmy Nguyen
  83. Patrick Rhine
  84. Alexandre Massicotte
  85. Michael Moss
  86. Jonathan Galinsky
  87. Kevin Wandrei
  88. Ellen Song
  89. Glenn Yong
  90. Jessie Herzer
  91. Lauren Sinnenberg
  92. Christine Jones
  93. Chelsea Kubal
  94. Jessica Ray
  95. Andrea Scioscia
  96. Brianna Wolfson
  97. Sachi Siegelman
  98. Samim Abedi
  99. Lindsay Olsen
  100. Daniel Perez
  101. Cameron Nutting
  102. Teresa Hoffman
  103. Julian Fernandez