Jono Dowse

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Jono is yet another denizen of Green Up, along with such figures as Colin Yee '06 and Daniel Klein '06. He hails from a town in New Hampshire that's even smaller than Williamstown, and he likes phonetics. A bit too much, perhaps.

Jono's other interests include sensible architecture, Swiss German, keeping a nature journal, and following H*R plus a scarily large number of webcomics. He also created Goofy Star Dude and is a great guy to boot. Jono went to Switzerland to study rural building in summer 2005 and took 4000 photographs and some of those can be found in the report he wrote about his observations.

Jono is a member of the Williams cross country team, to join which he quit marching band (Jono admits: well, I guess I pretty much did), and is known to run really excessive distances on occasion and to attempt to get others to do the same.

Also, he eats snow. With honey.

And he's a very talented musician and plays every instrument there is. For serious.

Every year Jono does THE Greylock Run.

And chicks dig him.

Check out his mad status among Students with Language Skills.