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So when you were looking at colleges, Williams College was clearly at the top of your list. The only problem? Maybe you live within a 5 minute walking distance. Maybe you grew up playing soccer at Towne Field House, are considered Lickity Split's #1 customer, have been to WCMA and the Clark as school field trips every year since you were 7... whatever the reason, townies are never alone. Here's a safe place to gather bios, information, and a small release from the endless jokes about locals. Yes, I do know about the pregnancy rate in Berkshire County. No, I do not have any children. Yet.

Emily Flynn, 2009. Accidentals, JV soccer, Soph Council. Grew up in Pittsfield. Enough said.

Alex Kopynec, 2009. Octet member, international playboy. Calls Williams his backyard. Because it is his backyard.

Katie Grace, 2009. Women's Center Board. Was known affectionately as "Dalton" during her rugby days. Can probably drink you underneath the table.

Kristen "K10" Milano, 2009. Accidentals, Writing tutor, nationally acclaimed singer/songwriter. Met Emily at church, when she was 3. Known for her singer/songwriter performance (winter study '07) and her ability to rock out to the Killers like no other.

Erica Dewitt, 2009. Tall, blonde, beautiful, you probably have mistaken her for a New York sophisticate, but she too calls Williams her backyard, and is known to frequent Professor Dewitt's house on lasagna nights.