Mike Hoey-Lukakis

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A graduate from BU in 2000, currently residing in Western Massachusetts, Mike is one of the most distinctive figures of the Northeast quiz bowl circuit, and one of its most dominant players on the TRASH format. Traditional nicknames include "Mike, Lord of the Pants" (BU) and "Mike with The Pants" (Jenny McElroy '03), in reference to his distinctive leather pants, a wardrobe article that belies his image as a pasty, crusty trash player. As The Pants have only appeared intermittently over the past few years, the team has now dubbed him "Funk Mike," in reference to his equally incongruous and very prominent adoration for Parliament-Funkadelic and James Brown.

Hoey-Lukakis frequently moderates quiz bowl tournaments on the weekends, and often supplies prizes for Northeast tournaments, typically comprised of an odd assortment of utter junk and surprisingly quality items that he doesn't want anymore.