Mills House

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About Mills

Mills house is the one in Mission Park immediately to the right of the front entrance. It's also the one with the dining hall outside the window (on the front) and the loading dock outside the window (on the back). It has several desirable qualities.

The Loading Dock

Mills has the distinction of being above the dining hall and kitchens for Mission. Thus it is also above the loading dock. The trash truck comes between 5:00 and 5:30 AM on an average weekday morning, and delivery trucks seem to come from around 6:30 AM onwards. If you're an early person this is not so much of an issue, but for our later-rising friends, it could be. Closing the window cuts down on the noise dramatically, but if you want the fresh air you're going to get the noise too.

The Leak

The second-floor landing in the stairway on the Pratt end of Mills has the distinction of being at the same level of the lobby roof. When it rains enough, a nice puddle develops on one half of the landing.

Mills 1

Mills 2

Mills 2 houses the mysterious Mechanical room and the door out onto the roof of the lobby and the dining hall.

Mills 2 from 05-06 houses the infamous male underwear model from Turkey, Toygun Atlantis. If you bring him a goat he will show it love and then slay it. Such is the way of the Toyges.

Mills 2 from 05-06 also happens to house Martin 'Maaaahtin' Sawyer. He is good at math, english and geometry (which is actually a type of math). He is also known for being VERY smooth around ladies.

Mills 2 also houses Kit Fuderich, also known as 'kittles', 'mittens' or as would be expressed in Turkish 'retarded'. He is known for his 'swiss parties' in the elevator at the dining hall and also his amazing talent in glassblowing.

Mills 3

Mills 3 is one of the finest places to live on campus. Quiet enough to study, yet close enough to party, this house defies a singular definition.

Mills 4

The fourth floor holds 20 rooms. Floor Plan

Mills 402

Mills 402 is one of the rooms in Mission that has more than its fair share of right angles. Since it shares an alcove near the stairway with Mills 401, its door is set perpendicular to its side walls. (See the floor plan.) Most other rooms in Mission have doors parallel to this wall, and an angled wall in place of a right-angle corner. The benefit of having the 402-style door is that there is a portion of the room which is not visible to persons looking in the door from the hall. This allows the occupant to hide and surprise.

The view from Mills 402 is pretty good. While a large oak obscures The Dome from view, Pine Cobble is quite visible. Moonrise over the ridge and the light from sunset are quite beautiful from here.