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Muslim Students' Association
Type of groupDiversity, Faith, Community, MinCo
Meeting timeMondays @ 9pm
Meeting placeMuslim Prayer Room, Basement of Thompson Chapel
EstablishedLate 1970s

The Muslim Students' Association at Williams College was founded with the purpose of bringing together Muslim students as well as allies and peers interested in the Islamic faith. One of the main goals of the MSA is educating others about Islam and Muslims in an age where such issues are important. The Muslim Student Association promotes peace and understanding among its members, and of course in the greater community of Williams College.

Headed by the Muslim Chaplain, Bilal Ansari, the MSA believes in promoting campus wide discussions and talks from which the entire Williams community can benefit.

We humbly welcome all to our weekly Friday sermon followed by communal prayers at 12.30pm.

Current Project

Discover Islam Week February 4th to February 9th 2013. An entire week dedicated to learning about Islam and its place in America as well as the world in this day and age. Centered around the theme of "Dispelling Misconceptions" to make space for true understanding, the week will involve talks and discussions with prominent speakers such as,

  • Dr. Yasir Qadhi - "Faith and Reason in Islam"
  • Dr. Yahya Michot - "Islam as the Middle way" also dealing with the topic of "Jihad in Islam"

Past Speakers

Over the past few years, we have brought various speakers:

  • Dr. Khobeisy - Islamic Perspectives on the Afterlife
  • Hisham Mahmoud - Jesus in Islam
  • Yale Muslim Chaplain Omer Bajwa - The Hajj
  • Younus Ayoub - Ramadhan
  • South African Activist, Professor and Imam Farid Esack
  • ACLU Attorney Jameel Jaffer (Torture in the Rule of Law)
  • Danish expert who spoke about the cartoon controversy
  • Lecture series on Women in Islam

Past Events

Fall 2007

We held a Fast-a-thon during the month of Ramadan where collected proceeds went to help Hurricane Katrina victims and the Bayat Foundation based in Afghanistan.

Contact Us

  • Firas Shennib '14 - fas1@williams.edu
  • Mizzel Badruddin '15 - mmb2@williams.edu
  • Sara Hassan '15 - sfh2@williams.edu

Or visit our site at http://msu.williams.edu/