Orgo Drinking Game

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If you can sneak a flask into the Wege Auditorium, here's something to keep orgo a bit more interesting (and even less comprehensible):

Take a shot each time Professor Richardson...

  • Throws something at students
  • Trips over the lab bench
  • Jumps up and down while erasing
  • References the periodic table
  • Says "makes perfect sense"
  • Says "and it turns out..."

Caffinated Variations

  • Jack Daniels and Coke make a great wake-me-up for those wonderful orgo mornings, and is easily disguisable if mixed in the bottle before class.
  • Irish coffee (coffee w/ a shot or two of Irish whisky) will also do the job nicely.
  • 100% EtOH from the chem stockroom could be used to make "some pretty nasty punch" as an annonymous lab prof once explained to me. Good luck getting your hands on it.