Orgo Drinking Game

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If you can sneak a flask into the Wege Auditorium, here's something to keep orgo a bit more interesting (and even less comprehensible):


Take a shot each time Professor Richardson...

  • Throws something at students
  • Trips over the lab bench
  • Jumps up and down while erasing
  • References the periodic table
  • Says "makes perfect sense"
  • Says "and it turns out..."


  • Jack Daniels and Coke make a great wake-me-up for those wonderful orgo mornings, and is easily disguisable if mixed in the bottle before class.
  • Irish coffee (coffee w/ a shot or two of Irish whisky) will also do the job nicely.
  • 100% EtOH from the chem stockroom could be used to make "some pretty nasty punch" as an anonymous lab prof once explained to me. Good luck getting your hands on it. [It may be just as well that it's out of reach, because you have to do some pretty nasty things to alcohol to get it up to around 100%. Stick with 95% and you'll be around to enjoy the hangover...albeit blind from the methanol
    NOTE: 95% ethanol is treated with an additive which, when imbibed, will make you incredibly sick.  This is done so chem labs around the country can puchase it without paying the tax on drinkable alcohol.


This game was played by Professor Richardson himself on the morning of March 1, 2006.