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==Pranks involving rooms==
#REDIRECT [[Pranks#Pranks_Involving_Rooms]]
* At the begining of this school year, Brian Hirshman '06 and suitemate Johannes Pulst-Korenburg '06 decided to mirror-image the room of their fellow suitemate Dan Burns '06.  Everything that was on the left side of Dan's room was moved to the right side, and even the books on his bookcase were placed in reverse order.  Burns decided that it was too much trouble to switch everything back, and his room has remained in the mirror-image configuration ever since.
* Over Halloween night, Dan Burns '06 struck back with a vengence.  He turned Brian's room literally upside down.  He took the bed and turned that upside down.  He took the bookcase and turned that upside down, then proceeded to take the books on the bookcase upside down.  He turned Brian's desk upside down, and everything that was sitting on top of it upside down.  To top it off, he even went into Brian's closet and turned Brian's clothes upside down, tying shirts to the hangers to make sure that they would stay upside down until Brian returned.
* To be continued....

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