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Quote boards are found in entry common rooms, usually highlighting funny things that people said throughout the year.

Here on Willipedia, we are trying to create our very own quote board, compiling a master list of some of students' best quotes.

Please add to the list, avoid anything too explicit, and share you and your friends' immense wisdom.

Willipedia Quote Board

"Here's what you should do. Just go in the music lab - people in there don't wake up - and just take their kidneys." Steven Ai '18

"Being bi is tough because it’s all the attractive people who remind you how lonely you are." — Emily White '19

"Less is more when it comes to holes" — Anonymous

"Kyrjistan was the first country to ever lose their constitution. They literally misplaced it." — Ben Baily '22

"Nobody can die before I get in my grad school applications. Then they can die all they want." — Anonymous

"That's the thing about anarchy, there aren't even sign up sheets." — Anonymous

"'Adult Sorry' is just alcohol." — Anonymous

"I had a craving for deep fried oreo crusted chicken." "That's why you got kicked out of the Garden of Eden, Ben. That's original sin right there." — Anonymous

"What's the weirdest thing you've ever spilled on yourself? Mine was 16 snails." — Anonymous

"I don't think there's a such thing as 'lowkey' necrosis." — Anonymous

"I don't know that I want to be THAT rich or THAT famous, just enough to buy unlimited kit kats." — Anonymous

"Daylight savings is just legally time traveling." — Anonymous

"I will be right back, assuming that I don't lose the will to return along the way." — Sebastian Black '19

"Hot take: the Incredibles 2 was about sodomy." — Aidan Dunkelberg '22

"I miss the excitement of being lit on fire." — Anonymous

"Sometimes I just cackle at the amount of irrelevant problems people think real in this world of horror" — Anonymous

"I think you should lose a point on the Rice Purity Test just for having a Venmo" — Anonymous

"I don't actually bust nuts in the sound booth...'cause then you guys would get an allergic reaction" — Anonymous

"I didn't fail No Nut November, because it's October 37th." — Anonymous

"Oh man, Calvin Coolidge's reelection really turned everyone off." — Anonymous

"All I want in life is for Starbursts to sell full bags that are just the strawberry banana flavor." — Anonymous

"My pussy created Amazon." — Anonymous