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The yearly race between the Nordic Ski Team and Alpine Ski Team and the Mens Crew. It starts on the AT next to the Reservoir and heads to the top of 1st Mt. Prospect then down then up Mt. Williams then along the ridge up and down over Mt. Fitch and up the final pitch to the sumit of Mt. Greylock. To make honor roll and have your time immortalized in stone, men must finish still alive in under 60 min. Women in under 76 min. Total climb is about 2,800 ft over about 6 mi. Trail surface is uneven, wet, muddy, stony, and obscured by both leaf litter and snow. At the end you can say you are a school bad ass and then fall over in a quivering heap and puke your guts out. If you're really fit you can go back down a little ways and cheer on the poor suckers who have yet to figure out that the faster you go, the less time you have to spend suffering.

It is actully one of the more fun traditions that go on at Williams. It has been run from the very dawn of time, or at least the last 34 years. Only 5 fatalities. Plenty of wounds. A few people get lost and are doomed to wonder forever as wraiths on Mt. Greylock.