Dirty D

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A popular alias for [[Driscoll]] Dining Hall. According to rumors heard in 2001, the name probably arose from students' experiences with an unusually large number of dirty foodware, especially glasses.
At one time, some [[Berkshire Quad]] JAs [[JA]]s would consider taking their [[frosh]] to [[Baxter]] for every meal, and simply never telling them about the existence of Driscoll. Because Driscoll is a squat building situated low enough to be out of view of any place in the [[Odd Quad]], this plan may well have garnered success for a few weeks. I cannot comfirm that this was ever actually tried.
Recent years have seen significant improvements in both the cleanliness and quality of food at [[Driscoll]], prompting some to call it "the Delicious D". No longer the ugly stepsister of [[Greylock]], [[Dodd]], and [[Mission]], 2005 ushered in the era of delicious Driscoll lunches featuring specials like [[Aunt Vicky's BBQ Beef Sandwich]], and a fresh pasta bar complete with chef and fresh garlic bread.
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