Do it in the dark

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==do it in the dark==
'''Do it in the dark''' is the name for the Williams energy saving competition. It was first held in the fall of 2005 and was repeated in the spring of 2006. It is a month long contest to measure which house can reduce its energy usage the most by turning off lights, computers and other electric devices.
==Energy Saving Tips==
To be good:
*Turn off your lights (the myth of using more energy if you turn on and off lights is only true for flourescent bulbs older than about 15 years, so no)
*Hibernate or shut down your computer
*Turn of your power strip (adapters draw power even when not used)
*Take shorter showers
To cheat on the contest a little:
*Charge your laptop in Goodrich or the Library
*Spend more time at your boyfriends/girlfriends room
==Past Winners==