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* [[Restaurants#Pappa Charlie's Deli|Pappa Charlie's Deli]]
* [[Restaurants#Pappa Charlie's Deli|Pappa Charlie's Deli]]
* [[Restaurants#Spice Root|Spice Root]]
* [[Restaurants#Spice Root|Spice Root]]
* [[Restaurants#Subway|Subway]]
* [[Restaurants#Subway|Subway]] (BURNED DOWN)
* [[Restaurants#Sushi Thai Garden|Sushi Thai Garden]]
* [[Restaurants#Sushi Thai Garden|Sushi Thai Garden]]
* [[Coffee#Tunnel City Coffee|Tunnel City Coffee]]
* [[Coffee#Tunnel City Coffee|Tunnel City Coffee]]

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Spring Street at night in November, with holiday decorations

Spring Street is the main street of Williamstown.

Businesses on Spring Street




  • The barber shop that shares a building with Ephporium is the cheapest place for haircuts in town, as well as the most basic and most centrally located. It gets the job done if you're not too picky, but take note that the woman of the two barbers is known for her incredible loquaciousness.
  • The Clip Shop is the high-class hair joint in town, a full-service salon. About twice a year they send a discount coupon to SU boxes, so hold out and let your hair down if you're looking to try them.
  • Vermont Color Photo

Other Things on Spring Street

  • Athletic facilities (Williams College)
  • ATM (Williamstown Savings Bank)
  • BankNorth (with ATM)
  • Fed-Ex drop-box (right outside Post Office)
  • Off-campus apartments (above Goff's, Helen's Place, etc.)
  • U.S. Post Office
  • The Record office

<googlemap width="600" height="400" lat="42.710286066511095" lon="-73.20344924926758" zoom="17" type="satellite" controls="large"> 42.71083002368703,-73.20455431938171,Purple Pub 42.71073542278148,-73.20443630218506,Subway 42.70988400814315,-73.20441484451294,The Log 42.71172084180921,-73.20338487625122,Chandler Gym 42.71146069270586,-73.2037603855133,Ephporium 42.7111690090812,-73.2038676738739,Pappa Charlie's Deli 42.71151587594013,-73.20408225059509,Goff's Sports 42.709489830744346,-73.20450067520142,Where'd You Get That?! 42.70925332310353,-73.20454359054565,Tunnel City Coffee 42.71030183345284,-73.20459723472595,Lickety Split 42.71008897940126,-73.20303082466125,Hockey Rink 42.709410994964216,-73.20371747016907,Indoor Track 42.71140550942255,-73.20379257202148,barber shop </googlemap>