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Summer 2009

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Copied from Summer 2008

Every summer, many students choose to spend the three-month break in Williamstown. This page records 2009's incarnation of this practice: the students on campus, where they will live and dine, any notable events, and the like.


Summer 2009




Housing: Currier, Morgan, Gladden (SSR)
SMALL: Garfield


Places to go

You can easily get by without a car during the school year. But when that 9-5 job ends, you're not left with much else to do. Here are some places in the "area" to spend some luxury time.

  • Lake Shaftsbury, VT. A short 45 minute drive away, Lake Shaftsbury offers a nice big lake with walking path around the lake, a dirt volleyball area, a wide open field for frisbee throwing and other events, paddleboats for rent, and more! $2 or $3 per person. Directions.

Students on campus

Here are those in the Purple Valley for the summer of 2009. Click on "name," "year," or "job" to sort the list by that entry (alphabetically or numerically). You might as well add yourself to the top of the list.

Name Year Job
Steven Jackson 10 SMALL
George Carstocea 10 Summer Theatre Lab
Holly Dwyer 12 WIT Intern (OIT)
Cameron Nutting 11 Sociology Research/Tour Guide
Erik Tillman 10 Biology Thesis
Jack Wadden 11 Computer Science Research
Danny Y. Huang 11 Computer Science Research
James Mathenge 12 Political Science Research Assistant
Jordan Freking 12 Summer Humanities and Social Sciences TA
Nat Hewett 11 Economics Research
Madeline S. King '11 alumni internship at the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition in North Adams
Pinsi Lei 12 Williams Instructional Technology Internship
Allie Gardner 10 Biology Research
William Piereson 11 Political Science Research
Lisa Holub 11 Social Psychology Research
Edgar K. Kosgey 10 OIT Desktop Systems
Peter Gottlieb 11 Physics Research
Jesse Youngmann 11 Sawyer Reference Desk
Rooney Charest 11 Environmental Studies Research/Sustainability Initiatives
K. B. DiAngelo 11 Sawyer - Stacks
Jeff Stenzel 10 Bio Thesis
Lauren Sinnenberg 10 Biology Thesis
Marissa Kimsey 11 Political Science Research
Whitney Hitchcock 10 CES Research Asst.
Noel MacNaughton 10 SMALL
Emanuel Yekutiel 11 Leadership Studies/ Political Science
Zach Evans 12 Peace Valley Farm/Experiential Education Dept.
Will Harron 11 Bio Research