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Dining on the Williams meal plan happens most often at one of four dining halls: Driscoll, Dodd, Mission, and Greylock. Breakfast is also available at the Eco-Cafe and the Goodrich Coffee Bar, which also serve light café fare later in the day. Lunch, and lunch only, is served take-out at Grab 'n' Go. There, and at Greylock are located the campus's two Halaal-Kosher Korners, which offer food suitable to Muslim and Jewish students at regular meal costs.

For general information, hours of operation, and the meal plans offered by Dining Services, check out their official home page.

To see what's for dinner, go to the PDF menu. To make your lunch more exciting, check out students' suggestions for selecting and constructing great sandwiches in the dining hall.

For a change of pace, for business or pleasure, students frequent some restaurants in the Williamstown area, go to Coffee Shops or get free food.