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Toni Kraeva CC projects

Toni Kraeva '09 has accomplished so many projects she gets her own page.


  1. More hot water for Odd Quad - during peak hours (usually mornings and 6-ish a.k.a. practice) Odd Quad dorms, and especially the top floors, did not have enough hot water ---Buildings and Grounds increased the pressure of the water going up the pipes and that increased the accessible quantity
  2. Storage rooms being more accessible to students--- frequently, storage rooms would be locked, even during the designated hours for B&G to unlock them- B&G fixed the problem by making sure custodians did indeed unlock the rooms on Wednesdays or when students called in on any other day
  3. Book Exchange Fair – happened at the beginning of the Spring Semester/ end of Winter study. During this fair students brought in their used course textbooks/books to sell to their classmates and to buy the books for their future classes. Over 200 books were brought in to be sold. This is definitely an event that will continue in the future (it’s scheduled for Sat, Sept.9 , 1-4 pm next semester)


  1. Waterstreet Books relationship with Williams – with Remington Shepard talked to Adrianna Cozzolino, treasurer of the College, who explained to both of us the exact contract b/w Williams and Water St. Books, and discussed with us the possibilities for future improvement.
  2. Fay/East FEAST a.k.a. BBQ – I organized a BBQ/day of fun (with Frisbee tournament, soccer, baseball, etc.) for the last freshman class and the last 6 entries living in Fay/East. It was an awesome way to get the two dorm residents to mingle and relax before exams start.
  3. Personal Pizzas at the Snack Bar – I got the snack bar to now serve personal pizzas every night for $2 each. Bob Volpi is my man.
  4. Card reading devices at all the snack machines on campus – some of the snack machines on campus didn’t have the card reading option so I convinced Bob Volpi to make sure that is changed.
  5. Snack machine for East College – since East right now has no vending machine whatsoever I asked Bob Volpi to get one for them at least next year, especially since upperclassmen will be living there. A snacks vending machine has been ordered and will be put in after the renovations are completed.
  6. Dinner for CC with the college administration – I’m currently working with the president’s office on scheduling this event for next fall. As soon as it’s all settled, I’ll notify CC.
  7. Daily messages slide show in Goodrich- what I intended with this project was to have a better means for advertisement on campus – I’d really love to reduce the amount of posters on campus, and I thought that a slide show of events in the student center would be a convenient way to do this. B&G seemed to like the project, and especially for the Paresky Center, but nevertheless left it in the air. I’d really like to continue working on completing this project in the future, even not as part of CC, because I believe it is vital that we have a better, more effective advertising means.