Snack Bar

Also known as Snar. When you need the food, they've got the goods. If you skipped dinner and are on any meal plan but the 50-a-semester, then you can spend up to $7.00 in dinner "equivalency." There are normally three main dining areas at Snar: Whitmans, '82 Grill, and Lee Snack Bar. For the 2021-22 school year Snar is only available from 9PM-1AM at Whitman's.



Offers hot dogs, chicken fingers, burgers, and some other junk food.

7 days, 9:00PM-1:00AM

Not Available in the 21-22 Academic Year

'82 Grill

Offers homemade pizza cooked up fresh in a Woodstone oven, root beer on tap and hot pannini sandwiches.

7 days, 8:30PM-1:00AM

Saturday, 8:30PM-1:30AM

Lee Snack Bar

You can find hot or cold sandwiches, homemade gelato, and new healthier menu options. They do breakfast at snar.

7 days, 9:00PM-1:00AM


The snack bar has taken many forms...


The Baxter Hall location. Rustic? Dated? Irreplaceable!


Mission...'I'll never have to leave home again! ...Except maybe for class. Only maybe.' -Random sophomore. ('Sophomore 50,' anyone?)


The Snack Bar is currently located in the Paresky Center (Whitman's Marketplace by day and Snack Bar by night.) New! Better? 'Baxter' who?


The Snack Bar is now expanded to include Whitman's Marketplace, Lee Snack Bar, and 82 Grill.

Old Utensils Description

"Currently, Snack Bar has new to-go utensils that perform much like plastic utensils in other places.

However, the 'plastic' utensils in the Snack Bar were once 100% biodegradable. That's pretty advanced. Unfortunately, they tended to melt easily. Students were sometimes surprised to find themselves spoonless after trying to eat some soup. And the cups were made out of corn! They burned a most awesome shade of blue-green..."


Snack Bar at Whitman's uses the same metal utensils and biodegradable utensil packs as all other meals.


During Winter Study and the first part of the Spring 2006 semester, Dining Services and the College Council sponsored a Snack Bar delivery service, but sadly the service has been on hiatus ever since.