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Trays are wonderful objects. A Williams College tray is a flat gray 12 by 18-inch plastic rectangle with 1/2-inch lips along the edges. Trays are provided by all four dining halls for our enjoyment.

What do to with a tray

Some of the many uses of trays include:

How to obtain a tray

To obtain your very own Williams College tray, simply attend a meal at one of the four dining halls. When you are finished, walk out of the dining hall carrying the tray. This sounds simple, but most people assume you would be caught if you did such a thing so blatantly. But don't worry; in all likelihood, no one will stop you.

It's common courtesy to give your tray back to the dining hall before the end of the year. To do this, simply walk into the dining hall carrying the tray, and return it as though you had just eaten upon it. Alternatively, eat upon it and then return it as usual.