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7.) [[Jay Cox-Chapman]]
7.) [[Jay Cox-Chapman]]
8.) Lizzy Brickley.

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Parallel to the Deadly Ten.

A list of ten people on campus that you all should know. These are real Williams Institutions. The way Baxter was before they knocked it down. If you don't know at least one, you're probably on the deadly ten. Or dead.

1.) Morgan Goodwin. Probably drafting a college council response to this post as we type (while skiing... naked).

2.) Kim Dacres. CC president, Rugby captain, Gargoyle Society, Stand With Us leader ... the list goes on.

3.) Rahul Shah. On the blogs, he's like lawyers in hell: everywhere. Suffering from a severe case of logorrhea, you know him, even if it's just by that warped ostrich head. He's also incapable of a) using the preferred spelling/punctuation of his friends' names. b) knowing whom to trust. c) knowing whom not to cross, especially when they're Deadly. He does, however, know the difference between 'who' and 'whom', unlike a certain unnamed friend.

4.) Ben Rudick. Has probably taken amazing photos of you (although possibly without your permission). Or you may just be that unattractive. To check, go to benrudick.com

5.) Liz Hirschhorn. Her real name should be BooBoo/Manatee! [To those of you who wish to sign a petition requiring her to make that first name change legal, contact Cat Vielma. You may see her playing volleyball, jv bball, or rucking for 80 minutes in 15 positions, but most importantly she's an ASL (american sign language) allstar. Awwwwwkward. I met her. Then I didn't die. I saw Liz Hirschhorn wearing army pants and flipflops, so I bought army pants and flipflops. (Proven true on the evening of May 18th, 2006 at Schow Atrium). Once killed a homeless person just to get an erection. FOREVER IN BLUE JEANSSS and by blue jeansss I mean grey sweats, with lots of holes

6.) Elissa Brown

7.) Jay Cox-Chapman

8.) Lizzy Brickley.



Remembrance of Undeadly Individuals Past:

Marita. Head of the QSU. Don't make her kick your ass in a leather bustier and fish nets.

Jonathan Landsman. He's not even on campus anymore, and you probably know him.

Alan Cordova. He's been everywhere, he does everything. Including brewing people really good coffee.

Drew Newman '04 Hang out in the activities office long enough and you'll see him.

Sean Carollo. The kid with the cape. And the hat. And the walking staff. And the magic powers.

Evan Miller.  The MOST facebooked person of anyone on campus.  Seriously.  Double the number of Facebook hits then anyone else on campus.  And that's for shizzle.