Undeadly Ten

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Parallel to the Deadly Ten.

A list of ten people on campus that you all should know. If you don't know at least one, you're probably on the deadly ten. Or dead.

1.) Evan Miller. The MOST facebooked person of anyone on campus. Seriously. Double the Number of Facebook Hits then anyone else on campus. And that's for shizzle.

2.) Ben Rudick. If he hasn't taken your photo without your permission, then you haven't spotted him hiding in the bushes underneath your window. Or you may just be that unatractive.

3.) The kid with the cape. Sean Carollo. Yeah that guy.

4.) Morgan Goodwin. Probably drafting a college council response to this post as we type.

5.) Toni Kraeva. She was on the committee that chaired this list. Go '09's.

6.) ???

7.) ????

8.) ?????

9.) ???