Diana Davis

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Totally awesome. A math major, she ran on the Cross Country Team and studied away at the Williams-Mystic Program in Fall 2005. A Milton Mountain School alum. Composer of many epic poems, including the Ode to Harvard and the now-set-to-music Ode to Williams.

Diana is a member of the Willipedia board. Her current Wiki-editing incarnation is as 07djd, but she has previously been known as the unfortunately-capitalized Ddavis, the aptly named Diana, and the mysterious Williams-Mystic IP address Diana has been known to spend days at a time trolling through Willipedia neatening it up and making minor corrections for which the Williams community shall be eternally grateful.

Where Diana has Lived

(zoom out for Japan):

<googlemap lat="42.97250158602597" lon="-71.12548828125" zoom="7" type="map"> 43.16606167886483,-70.9052038192749,2 Garrison Lane, Madbury, NH 44.203558464091955,-68.65562975406647, Deer Isle, ME 43.95544465351596,-72.33407020568848,Mountain School, Vershire, VT 42.71041220193295,-73.20128202438354,Williams College 41.35973886387978,-71.96332454681396,Williams-Mystic Program, Greenmanville Avenue, Mystic, CT 34.68065238482746,135.49163818359375,Youth for Understanding, JUSSE Osaka, Japan</googlemap>

I think Evan's map thing is awesome, and since this is the Diana Davis page, I feel entitled to point that out. That's right, Evan Miller invented this whole Google Maps extension for the wiki so that we can point out specific points on the earth, and write notes about them. Not Google, but Evan. Be impressed.