WCFM Williamstown 91.9 FM

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How to Listen

  1. Go to our website to listen live or to check out the schedule.
  2. You can also go to this website.
  3. Tune in the old-fashioned way at 91.9 FM on your radio if you are in Williamstown, North Adams, or the lower Clarksburg area.

Station Info

The best damn student group on campus, WCFM is the bomb and that's that. Sign up to be a DJ or else.

WCFM was founded in 1943. WCFM is known primarily for melting your goddamn faces off.

They also have pretty sick tee shirts.

Getting Involved with WCFM

Interested in becoming a DJ? Email Will Hayes at wmh1(at)williams.edu. DJs gain the privilege of enjoying all of WCFMs exclusive hot-hot members only benefits: incredible music library, sweet sound equipment good for both rocking your own balls off and spreading the joy of good music, and the ability to bring bands for the two best concerts Williams College ever experiences. Legend has it that during one especially big-time hip-hop show, the bass was felt in WCMA.

If you are not a DJ and are interested in using our cash-money production studio, please contact our Production Managers, Remy Gates.

WCFM Mission Statement

WCFM has been instituted and organized to promote the benefits of educational radio and to provide entertainment and information to the students, faculty, and community members of Williams College and Williamstown.

WCFM Concerts History

  • Spring 2013: TOPS
  • Spring 2010: Club Sandwich, Vol. 1 featuring DJ Kommodore
  • Fall 2009: Pyramiddd (a.k.a. Starfuckerrr)
  • Spring 2009: DEERHOOF, The Harlem Shakes, and Great Caesar and the Gogetters
  • Fall 2008 (November): Rogue Heroes and 3 Day Threshold
  • Spring 2008: Vampire Weekend
  • Spring 2007 (May): El Gringo, The Subjects, Black Dice
  • Spring 2007 (March): The Blow, Mirah, and the Ettes
  • Fall 2006: The Headset + The Capital Years
  • Spring 2006: Ghostland Observatory + The Apparitions
  • Fall 2005: Fear Nuttin Band + Kaya
  • Spring 2005: RJD2
  • Fall 2004: The Hi-Risers + Los Straitjackets with the Pontani Sisters
  • Spring 2004: Angels of the Odd + The Wrens

== Board for Spring and Fall 2013 ==

  • General Manager: Wade Phenice
  • Treasurer: Gulya Radjapova
  • External Music Director: James Hitchcock
  • Internal Music Directors: Nile Livingston
  • News, Community Affairs, and PR Director: Phoebe Hall
  • Personnel Director: Will Hayes
  • Technical Director: Won-Jun Kuk
  • Chief Technical Engineer: Paul Willey, Gabriel McHale
  • Production Directors: Remy Gates
  • Programming Director: Gabe Samach