Jono reads an unholy quantity of webcomics and wanted to spread this curse of hilarity across campus and beyond, so he started this list. You can eat a lot of time by reading the complete archives of most of these comics.

First, there are several webcomics groups out there that you can use as a jumping-off point. For example: Boxcar Comics, Dayfree Press, Blank Label Comics. Of course, there's always gocomics.com and comics.com.


plus when they update; h means especially hilarious (at least to Jono). Ones not marked with h are not, however, inferior; often they are more focused on storytelling or just are incredibly well drawn. I don't read bad webcomics. Feel free to add your own faves here.

explodingdog frequent, usually several times a week

Toothpaste for Dinner daily h

Natalie Dee daily h

Married to the Sea daily h

Sinfest daily

Questionable Content QC is my the OC. weekdays

Overcompensating OC is my other the OC. weekdays; Wigu continued in print for now

Scary Go Round weekdays

Diesel Sweeties weekdays; also a different version daily at comics.com

Achewood weekdays, basically h

Dinosaur Comics weekdays h

pictures for sad children weekdays

XKCD weekdays h

Joe and Monkey daily

Something Positive approximately daily

Bunny weekdays

Able and Baker weekdays

Wapsi Square weekdays

You'll Have That weekdays

Out There daily except Sunday

Digital PIMP online a set of 5 weekly rotating comics. MWFN

White Ninja MWF h

Nothing Nice to Say MWF once again

Boy on a Stick and Slither MWF

Cat and Girl TRF h - by Dorothy Gambrell, Williams '00!

Patches TWR

Wondermark TF h

Afterstrife MF

Rob and Elliott MF-ish

Beaver and Steve TF

Bigger Than Cheeses weekly; Mondays I guess

butternutsquash Thursdays

The Perry Bible Fellowship weekly-ish h

Barkeater Lake in spurts

indietits the BIRDS called tits, that is, what are you thinking. sporadic h

Punks and Nerds sporadic

Animals Have Problems Too sporadic

Hate Song Not for the faint of heart. On hiatus h

Martin's Misdirection on hiatus

A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible on hiatus

Spamusement! extremely sporadic, possibly closed h

Housd closed

The Coffee Achievers closed

return to sender closed

(here endeth Jono's personal list; add your faves here:)

A Softer World weekly

Penny Arcade MWF h

Queen of Wands no longer updating

Unshelved daily

Elf Only Inn no longer updating h

Eight-bit Theater TR h

PVP daily

Ctrl+Alt+Del MWFS

VG Cats weekly

Real Life weekdays

Order of the Stick MWF

Friendly Hostility MWF