Williams College

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Best college in the world (of course), and arch-enemy of the evil Amherst.

Williams college's extremely long and illustrious history does not prevent it from being malleable to the whims of presidents, deans and fiesty students. Most notable in the college's character, despite being so old and stable, is the commercial marketing of the college to the 18 year old high-school senior demographic. This and this alone has led the college to destroy a perfectly good student center, put up a flashy but somewhat out-of-place theatre, and prepare to put students through constant construction when the Stetson-Sawyer Project starts.

Despite constantly telling ourselves and as many other people that we can that we are number one in academics and sports, we spend very little time really engaged in meaningful discussion with professors or each other, preferring instead the closed groups of friends, stereotypes and cliques that come with too many people with closed minds together in purple bubble. The status of number one is dependent on how many people we reject, how much money alunni give us and how many flashy new buildings we complete. It says very little about the intellectual life of the students or how much wisdom and learning goes on. This is evidenced by the controversy over the Peoples and cultures requirement as well as the small percentage of students knowing their professors outside of the classroom.

Williams students are called Ephs, after Colonel Ephraim Williams, who provided the seed money for our school and (of course) our namesake.