Writing Workshop

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The Writing Workshop consists of about 50 students who are paid to tutor other students in writing and public speaking. Tutors are selected every spring for the following school year. Supervised by Dean Grudin and led this year by Evan Miller and Godfrey Bakuli, the workshop offers services in the following areas:

Drop-in Shifts

The Workshop is open from 8 p.m. to midnight, Sunday through Thursday in the back of Schow and on the top floor of Sawyer. You can sign up for a half-hour slot or just drop by and hope a tutor is available. Here is this year's schedule:

Sunday Sawyer 8-10: Deborah King, Laura Wagner

Sunday Sawyer 10-12: Emily Bruce, Alyssa Mack, Philip Carter

Sunday Schow 8-10: Lauren McLaughlin, Chris Paci

Sunday Schow 10-12: Julia Sendor, Matthew Steding

Monday Sawyer 8-10: Daniel Sussman, Charlotte White

Monday Sawyer 10-12: Kim Fassler, Sara Carrian, Jasjit Singh

Monday Schow 8-10: Alissa Caron, Gillian Sowden, Robert Bland

Monday Schow 10-12: Elizabeth Pierce, Alexandra Letvin

Tuesday Sawyer 8-10: Julia Chabrier, Jing Cao, Megan Brankley

Tuesday Sawyer 10-12: Caroline Anderson, Sesh Sundararaman

Tuesday Schow 8-10: Daniel Jamorabo, Janaki O'Brien, Sarah Adkins

Tuesday Schow 10-12: Kiana Green, Amanda Whiting

Wednesday Sawyer 8-10: Dianne Pfundstein, Noah Susskind, Nate Klein

Wednesday Sawyer 10-12: Roman Herman, Elizabeth Greenberger

Wednesday Schow 8-10: Katie Mygatt, Jerry He, Dan Wong

Wednesday Schow 10-12: Natalie Vokes, Paul Reyns

Thursday Sawyer 8-10: Dave Weimar, Faaiza Lalji

Thursday Sawyer 10-12: Shelby Kimmel, Caroline Toy

Thursday Schow 8-10: Liz Woodwick, Rachel Allen, Andrew Wang

Thursday Schow 10-12: Lee Schaefer, Jessica Lovaas

Other services of the workshop require special arrangements. (Sorry, no drop-ins.) They are:

English as a Second Language (or third, or...)

The Workshop also has tutors trained to help foreign students with their English prose. Contact Kim Fassler or Alexandra Letvin.

Murphy Wing

Students who would like to work with one tutor on a regular basis for a semester should contact Dianne Pfundstein. (Take note that Dianne is just the coordinator, and will not necessarily be your permanent tutor.)

Speech Workshop

The speech workshop is for anyone who would like help with a presentation or public speech. Contact: Amanda Whiting.