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The 44th Semi-Annual Williams College Trivia Contest, May, 1988



  1. (12:00): Violence -- Plus an all-violence audio montage.

  2. (4 AM): Music (questions only) -- This Super leaned heavily on the Classic Rock dinosaurs that bestrode the earth in the 1960s and 70s. Group Genealogies, "Who's the song about?," Bizarre Song Lyrics, Band Name Origins, plus a special Beatle bonus for the team that could list the most "Paul's dead" clues (awarded easily to Scrambled Debutante).


  1. (12:00): 1970s TV

  2. (1 AM): Substance Abuse (questions only) -- Not your typical Potent Potables bonus-- this one asked for instructions on drug intake, Hunter S. Thompson, urine test strategy, and narcotics in pop culture. Finally, teams had to construct a working bong. If their parents only knew......

  3. (2 AM): MAD Magazine

  4. (3 AM): Sex -- Historical sex, technical sex, pop culture sex, literary sex, cartoon sex, perverted sex.

  5. (4 AM): Audio? -- A scribbled, barely legible note would indicate so.



  1. Play a game of Fiz-bin (Star Trek)

  2. Management training scene, from Monty Python.

  3. Amy's Full Frontal Nudity Revenge: Judo member Amy, having exposed herself on numerous occasions for cheap thrills and cheap Action points, decided to turn the tables on all the pervs who'd leered and lusted after her juicy bits. She demanded that teams do the "Nick The Dick" scene from the movie "Bachelor Party." Only full frontal nudity, she swore, would net Williamstown's studliest buncakes the full 5. And if a full 5 was all YOU were offering, she intimated, you needn't bother

  4. Do the opening sequence from "MTV's Remote Control" (There was a rumor that one of the teams playing included the host of "Remote Control," Ken Ober, so Judo A Chop Chop wanted to see him. The rumor was false.)

  5. ??? commercial

  6. The sixth-grade Olympics
    (NOTE: Judo didn't announce the events on the air, they just asked each team to send down their "best" sixth grader):