Albert Hopkins

Albert Hopkins (1807-1872) was the brother of Mark Hopkins, a member of the Class of 1826, and a professor at Williams for forty years.


1807 born July 14 in Stockbridge, MA
1824 enters Williams College
1826 graduates from Williams College
1827 appointed tutor at Williams
1829 elected professor of mathematics and philosophy
1834 takes trip to Europe to purchase instruments for astronomical observatory
1835 begins construction of Williams College Observatory; begins teaching French, which he does for five years
1837 receives license to preach from Berkshire Association
1838 elected professor of natural philosophy and astronomy
1841 marries Louisa Payson
1843 son Edward born
1862 death of wife
1863 founds Alpine Club, the first mountain-climbing association in the United States
1864 son Edward killed in Civil War
1866 founds Church of White Oaks, Williamstown
1869 marries Elizabeth Kilby; retires from professorship of natural philosophy
1872 dies May 24 in Williamstown of lingering illness

This page was derived from an article written for the Williams College Archives.