BFAIR (Berkshire Family & Individual Resources)

BFAIR is a local human services agency dedicated to meeting the needs of people with disabilities. They offer individualized services for adults with special needs, offering those medical, physical, and intellectual disabilities in-home support and care provided by qualified caregivers.

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BFAIR Buddies is a student-run organization whose members work with special-needs adults in the Berkshires to foster an inclusive, welcoming environment for neuro-diverse individuals. We were started when a group of students were looking for opportunities to get off campus and serve our community in ways that are not typically addressed by college students. With constant support and enthusiasm from CLiA, we hold weekly trips to Berkshire Family and Individual Resources (BFAIR) homes in different locations, where we do themed crafts, have dance parties, enjoy spa days, and plant flowers. We also host BFAIR individuals at Williams sports events throughout the year, and hope to expand this part of the program in the coming years to include different events such as student group concerts, plays, and performing arts groups’ practices. Students at Williams tend to rarely leave campus or interact with the special needs (or even the general population) of our surrounding area. Part of BFAIR Buddies’ mission is to change this by providing an easily accessible way for students to make new friends who live outside of the Purple Bubble. Additionally, students are often not exposed to the reality of the diverse and complex needs in our own community outside of our textbook readings, so BFAIR Buddies attempts to bridge this gap by applying classroom learning to direct, tangible action.