A drinking game that combines Flip Cup with Beirut. Moves relatively quickly, includes lots of consumption, and gets a lot of people involved in a fun way. Normally a lot of shouting and trash-talking between the two teams.

Set Up: - Need a table, plenty of cups, beer, and a pingpong ball

- Can be played with a minimum of 8 to as many can fit alongside a table.

- Set up with a Beirut rack of 6 cups at each end of the table each with one shooter who is ready to play a game of Beirut.

- Along each side of the table, every other person is prepared for a game of flip cup.

- Each shooter (we'll name them Todd and Mike) has a flip cup team associated with them to their right

Game: - Game begins with either Todd or Mike shooting the ball as if they're playing beirut.

- Shots are exchanged until one person makes a shot.

- If Mike makes his shot, his team immediately begins playing a game of flip cup. After one of his cups is made, Todd must drink the cup that was made as quickly as he can before his team can begin its round of flip cup. Note: If Mike makes his shot, Todd just needs to finish his beer (Does not need to flip) for his team to begin its round of flip cup.

- If Todd's team wins flip cup, they replace the made cup back onto their own rack and refill it.

- If Mike's team wins flip cup, that cup is not replaced.

- After each shot, the teams rotate so everyone shoots and flips. Todd's teammate would take the next shot.

- The winning team is the one who eliminates their opponents rack first.