At Williams each year the sport of broomball is played so long as there is ice on the Lansing Chapman Rink. The IM version typically attracts between 500-600 people each year, making it the most popular sport played by all Ephs. If you've been to Williams, chances are you've been to a broomball match.

Typically, entries make up a large body of the IM broomball league, but "classes" in broomball are also offered during the winter for interested parties to play with other fellow broomball lovers.

The varsity Golf Team won both the 2004 and 2006 championships, only failing to win in 2005 because Harry Sheehy canceled the playoffs in response to complaints that shoes were getting the ice dirty.

People often get drunk or "pregame" before a broomball match. This means falling hurts less at the time and much more in the morning. Being drunk at a broomball game also means that you might accidentally stick-check someone very very hard as you try to swat the ball away. (Sorry about that one!)