Campus Greens

Campus Greens AKA The Williams College Green Party is dedicated to bring progressive third party politics to the Campus. Through activism, discussion, canvassing and direct action, we strive to promote a political climate focused on the following 10 Key Values:

1) Grassroots Democracy: Active citizen involvement in every level of government to insure that people not corporations and special interest groups control law and policy.

2) Feminism, Gender Equality, Sexual Orientation Equality: We support a woman's right to choose, equal pay and employment opportunities for both men and women and all sexual orientations, and legalization of gay marriage.

3) Ecological Wisdom: Since the industrial revolution, anthropogenic degradation of the natural environment has been rampant. We support alternative (i.e., non-nuclear and non-fossil-fuel) energy source that do not contribute to global warming or pollute, legislation to impose sustainable business practices, ecological restoration, land preservation,and natural resources and species conservation.

4) Non-Violence: We oppose aggressive military action. We support diplomacy, and disarmament.

5) Community-Based Economics: We support an infrastructure that is based at the community level so that resource are not exploited from one location at the expense of the inhabitants there. We support local businesses instead of corporate powers that can drain a local economy. We support a living wage so that workers can afford to live in the area in which they work. A local infrastructure also requires less transportation needs and thus less energy.

6) Decentralization: Concentrations of wealth and power lead to environmental desecration, social injustice, and militarization. We support a restructuring of political and economic powers to the local level so that policies are effective and fair where they are enforced while protecting the rights of citizens. In this way the all citizens will be able to have equal power in these institution instead of a rich and powerful few.

7) Future Focus: We are a far-sighted political faction and realize that legislation imposed today has long-lasting effects.

8) Celebration of Diversity: We support integration of people of all types in all places. Heterogeneity is the key to progress. We believe that all ethnicities, sexualities, races, religions, and genders should be treated equally.

9) Responsibility: We support governmental, corporate and personal responsibility for insuring that these changes are carried through to fruition. Moreover, we want corporations to take responsibility to provide their employees with a living wage and practice their business in an ethical manner. We want the government to enforce legislation to make corporations act ethically. The people and the government should control legislation... not corporations. We encourage individual practices that promote peace, justice, ecological balance, and social equality for all.

10) Social Justice: We support humanitarian efforts to insure that all people have access to their basic needs. Furthermore, we support legislation to counteract the disparity between the wealthy and the impoverished.