Caretaker Farm

Located just under a half mile from the Five Corners Intersection (which is marked by a blinking yellow light at the intersection of Rte. 7 and Rte. 43 near Williamstown), Caretaker Farm has been operating as an organic vegetable farm for over 35 years. The 35-acre family farm has 16-24 acres in pasture and 7 acres in planned stages of vegetable production, with 3 and 1/2 planted and the remainder at rest or in rotation.

Caretaker Farm is now and has been a Community Supported Agriculture Farm (CSA) for the last decade. It has 215 CSA members, or sharers, who purchase a share in the annual harvest of mostly vegetables, with some small fruits and flowers. The Smiths are currently integrating animals for farm fertility and pasture and weed management, with sheep, lambs, pigs, heifers, chickens, and a cow and calf. Future plans are to market beef and lamb to farm members/sharers. They are also pioneering solar powered electric fencing, livestock feeders and will eventually install a rooftop PV for providing barn lighting and vegetable refrigeration.

 Sam and Elizabeth Smith
 1210 Hancock Rd
 Williamstown, MA

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