College Council Elections Self-Nominations

== FALL 2012==

Please read the following self-nominations for the FALL 2012 College Council Elections:

Candidates for the Position of Assistant Treasurer (1 position)

Emily Dzieciatko ‘15

Experience, organization, motivation, and transparency: that is what I can bring to College Council’s new position of Assistant Treasurer.

Experience: I was the first Assistant Treasurer in CC’s history last spring. I understand what the position entails and how funding works. Many groups’ treasurers have received e-mails from me asking about vouchers or their requests. I value how much I have learned about all the things that go on this campus as a result of having this position.

Organization: If you have seen my iCal, you know that organization is one of my priorities. This is very important when dealing with over 160 student groups’ finances. In the past, with the Treasurer doing all of the work, things have fallen through the cracks and the student groups may not have received the attention that they deserve. I hope to work on making sure that all clubs know how to submit budgets and efficiently run their finances.

Motivation: I love working with money and people. This position embodies my two favorite things coming together. I love learning about all the parts that make up the student body. I see a lot of room for improvement in the relationship between the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and student groups. Ultimately, we really want to provide everyone with all the resources necessary to make your college experience as fulfilling as possible. I truly believe that the evolution of this AT position is pivotal in this.

Transparency: One of the things that I would like to work on is clarity in finances. I will work with Treasurers to help them track their finances. That is why I have introduced a semi-annual audit. This will help keep groups out of the red and fully functional. Furthermore, if I am elected, there will be a Treasurer’s Corner in the Student Activities Resource Center, which will help make funding a lot more clear to student groups.

If such things are a priority to you, vote for me, Emily D!

Alisdair Ferguson ‘15

Hello all! My name is Alisdair Ferguson and it gives me immense pleasure to run for the position of Assistant Treasurer. Given my extensive experiences in managing money and financial accounts for other organizations, coupled with my driven personality, I believe that I am the most suitable candidate for this position.

Throughout high school I held the exact role of Assistant Treasurer in a Singaporean cricket business that turned over more than $100k annually. I helped oversee and maintain the company's accounts, submitting them to governmental auditors each year. Furthermore, my job also included devising new strategies for income generation and the organization of sponsorship funds. Through out this past summer, I returned to work for the business and aided in structuring the financial resources to bring out two professional cricketers to Singapore to coach youngsters. I found these experiences to be highly rewarding in that I gained a tremendous amount of technical knowledge about the management of large sums of money- knowledge I will most certainly make use of should I be granted with the opportunity to serve on College Council.

My passion for managing money is not something that has emerged recently- at the ripe old age of 11 I was the Head of Finance for a small, (admittedly illegal) underground candy shop my friends and I set up at school. Operating on a budget that comprised of our collective pocket monies, stringent financial management was an imperative. Although this was a fair while ago, the skills I developed supervising and directing petty cash back in my childhood have now become almost instinctive. I sincerely believe that these skills will enable me to excel as the Assistant Treasurer for CC.

I shall not further bore you with my experiences but instead would like to say that, if elected, I can assure you that CC's money is safe in my hands.

Thank you very much, Yours sincerely, Alisdair

Self-Nominations of Candidates for Class of 2013 Representative (3 Positions)

Laura Calloway

Dear students,

First of all, I want to thank you for being a part of the voting process. Taking part in these elections is one of the many ways you can help shape the Williams College community. I hope you continue to rock the vote this November as well. Our campus and our nation will be better for it. That being said, you must be wondering what your vote would mean if you chose me, Laura Calloway, for a Class of 2013 College Council Representative. I can assure you that my past term on College Council makes me a strong candidate in this election cycle. I have worked on a multitude of College Council projects such as: initiating more student to student dialogue, mental health and sexual assault awareness, and adding more comfy seating in the libraries. I have also had the pleasure and privilege of working with students from all class years, faculty, staff, and the deans. I hope to continue to work with student, faculty, and staff and to help make our campus the place students hoped for when they matriculated. In addition, I hope to continue to help make Williams a better place than we found our first year. Finally, seniors, I’ll make this last year our best year. We deserve it.

Lucas Casso

I would like to nominate myself for 2013 Class Representative. As a double major in Division I (Art History) and III (Mathematics) subjects and an athlete, I have come to experience Williams from many different angles during my three years here. These perspectives will allow me to contribute to discussion and debate on College Council in material ways on a variety of issues. I also currently serve as student chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Life.

An area that I envision CC discussing is the College’s neighborhood housing system. Given the number of neighborhood switches that occur each year (and the complexity of doing so), I believe the system could be made more efficient. A reconsideration of how first-year students select neighborhoods could also help streamline the housing process. Such changes are well within the capability of the CC

Another topic that could be addressed by CC is a proposal for the creation of a Young Trustee program for recent graduates similar to those at Connecticut College, Vassar College, Cornell University, and Duke University. The College’s Board of Trustees is arguably the greatest force in shaping undergraduate life (in addition to many other aspects of the College) in the long term. Adding the perspective of a recent graduate would materially impact the Board’s understanding of student life, especially given that the most recently graduated Trustee is from the class of 1995. Clearly, this proposal would require a great deal of deliberation and refinement, though I believe it has the potential to be a powerful initiative that could result in a very tangible benefit for future students of the College.

Desirée Daring

CLASS of 2013!!! Two years ago when I arrived in Williamstown, I was ready to enjoy all the wonders of attending school in the middle of nowhere. For a New Yorker, this environment continues to be an amazing vacation – complete with lots of academic work! – from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Even though I only spent three full semesters on campus thus far, I have truly taken advantage of all the wonders Williams offers its students. Weekly meetings for organizations ranging from SoCA to Amnesty International fill my weeknights, after track practice of course, and my weekends are packed with volunteering both in North Adams, MA and Canaan, NY. Some evenings I attend interesting independent film screenings at Images or treat myself to an evening performance from the CenterStage series. As I now enter my senior year, I hope to encourage more of my peers to take advantage of all that Williams affords its students – both on campus and in the real world. My roles of Baxter Fellow and Career Center Fellow enable me to yes encourage my peers, but more importantly these roles promote peer empowerment. As one of four 2013 Class Representatives, I hope to get the senior class empowered for their next stage of life through programming ranging from simple game nights to in depth conversations of various societal ills – and how college students around the world have used their resources to rectify those wrongs.

My roles as a Baxter Fellow and Career Center Fellow are actually very similar to the responsibilities I would have as a Class of 2013 representative. As a class representative, I will bring the needs and desires of the senior class to the attention of individuals who can make various requests a reality. Like in my Baxter Fellow or Career Center Fellow positions, I would act as a liaison between my peers and College Council to ensure the utmost amazing experience possible for the Class of 2013. Aside from my experiences on campus, I have experiences ranging from my first year at Baruch to my junior fall semester in Madrid, and complete with everything in between. My experiences coupled with the lengthy conversations I will have with my peers would certainly richen our weeknight College Council meetings. Because of my wide array of experiences, I am sensitive to various frames of thinking and this too will come across through my appointment as a class representative.

My highest priority as a representative of the class of 2013 is to ensure my peers have an unforgettable year. I trust my partnership with College Council and my peers will result in highlighting the needs of my class and presenting them to the attention of those with the power to transform this campus. This revolutionary process all starts with a voice for the class of 2013 and I hope to be one of those voices dedicated to erasing occasional stratification and implementing total unity among my peers and even the campus at large.

Caleb Hoffman-Johnson

Hi, my name is Caleb Hoffman-Johnson, and I’m a Senior Political Science major living in Dodd House. At Williams I am a Tour Guide, play JV soccer, and sing in the Springstreeters, so I believe I bring a perspective to CC representative of a broad variety of voices on campus. I am an approachable person, and would actively communicate to CC your suggestions, concerns, and ideas about specific issues as well as those involving broader campus life.

Here are a few of the things I would like to accomplish this year:

1-Get a capella groups back into the Music Building. This issue is one that not only affects me personally, but a lot of people and groups on campus. I want to address this issue from a position of student power, and work through legitimate channels to approach the music department and begin a constructive dialogue.

2-Hold a class/all-campus event raising awareness for Salute the Brave, an organization that helps provide care packages to those serving overseas in the Armed Forces. I am currently serving as the campus rep for Salute the Brave this year, and would like to create an event (such as a BBQ) that celebrates the community of our class and school and helps give back to those who serve our nation abroad.

3-Anything that you bring to me. If you want to get something accomplished as a class, or you have a great idea for an all-campus event, let me know, and I will explore the possibilities on your behalf.

Katie Holmes

I am very interested in running for CC this year because I love Williams and I want to stay involved in things that go on here. Last year I was a JA, and I loved that experience, not just because of my amazing freshmen, but also because of the extra involvement I was able to have in Williams activities. As a JA, I learned how to plan fun activities for my freshmen, how to make everyone feel comfortable, and how to balance my time. I would love to be able to contribute to the class of 2013 and to Williams this year!

David Michael

After these years, Williams has become my home, and I know it has for you all as well. We’ve grown so close through this time, and it’s all we can do to make the most of our last year together before scattering across the world to do incredible things.

I believe in leaving places better than we found them, especially a place that has been so important in our lives. That’s why I’d like to advocate for a few last things before we leave, and hopefully accomplish some of them in time for us to enjoy them. As Seniors, we’ve had an opportunity to see the best and worst of this place, and we’re in the right position to fix them. Issues like Security & drug policy discrepancies, access to trainers for club sports, Dining Services offering food and ingredients at cost for people to cook at home, and fostering interaction between class years are things that I am passionate about and have concrete plans to accomplish. If you have questions about my plans, please email me, or feel free to suggest other goals. I think we can do more to share the wisdom from our experience here with future students. It would be great if we could put together some stories about our experiences to share with next year’s incoming class and make a tradition of passing down advice.

College Council is also an important body in times of crisis, and it occasionally fails to be transparent or cautious about the big issues. If elected, I will work hard to make sure that College Council officers don’t hide $120,000 of student money from their constituents or anything similar. In times of crisis, I will be a strong advocate for compassionate responses that do not take the form of attacking the rest of the student body or abridging our fundamental rights. For example, you can count on me to be a staunch opponent of any speech codes that limit the rights of students to express themselves (even if they are offensive or wrong), while still supporting the rights of others to feel safe and included in the community.

If you are skeptical that anything will actually happen this year, and totally I understand. I haven’t been on CC before, although I’ve proxied for friends many times. I’m a member of the Library Committee and the Committee for Diversity and Community, but let’s face it, everyone in our class is awesome and has credentials about what they’ve done so far so it’s not much to stand on. So what I can actually promise you is that I have little patience for bureaucratic obstacles to getting things done, and will try my hardest to make actual changes without waiting for things to fall into place.

Thank you for your support 13’s!

Peace, Love, and Liberty

Jimmy Ray

Hi, my name is Jimmy Ray and I'd like to run for College Council as a Class Rep. Before graduating, in June, I'd like to get involved in the school's political discussion and help the senior class leave a lasting mark.

Josh Revkin

My name is Joshua Revkin ’13 and I am running for the position of 2013 Class Representative. I am a double major in Physics and Philosophy and live in Milham House. As one of the CC representatives for the senior class, I look forward to helping make sure that our senior year is a memorable one. As a captain of the Sailing Team I have worked closely with College Council over the past two years in order to obtain funding for our new fleet of boats. In doing so I have been able to witness the struggles that many club sports and other student groups go through when trying to get funding from the College.

While on CC I will strive to make sure that all student groups are adequately funded and also push to open up fundraising guidelines so that students can reach out to alumni in a legitimate manner to help fill funding gaps that may exist. I also think that it is important that College Council work with both the Alumni and Development office as well as the Athletic department to reduce the funding burden that club sports puts on College Council so that the money can be used for more campus-wide events that benefit all students instead of small groups that have large yet legitimate needs for funding. I would love the opportunity to serve the class of 2013 as a representative to college council during our senior year.

Amelia Simmons

Hello Class of 2013. I’m Amelia Simmons, I hail from Sandwich NH, and I am an Art History major as well as a pre-med student here at Williams. My reasons for wanting to be a Class Rep. is simple: I want someone who will honestly and actively voice the opinions, desires, concerns, and comments about life at Williams to CC.

I am a person who will take the time to listen to you if you want, and I promise that if the comments stay on the quieter side to none-the-less propose and work on initiatives that will better the Williams community. My basic platform is to be a voice for the amazingly lucky Class of 2013.

Kristen Sinicariello

Hi class of 2013! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kristen and I’m a History major from Cleveland, Ohio. I have always wanted an opportunity to get involved in College Council, so better late than never! I love Williams, I love our class, and I would love the opportunity to represent 2013 in CC.

The best thing about Williams, for me, is its people – students, faculty, and staff. I enjoy getting involved in any activity where I can meet and interact with new Williams people. I play on the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team and I was the co-director of WOOLF this past year, working with TV producer and director Paul Alter. I also have been a part of a myriad of other organizations such as JA Selection Committee, TNG, Elementary School tutoring, and SFER. I have a wide-range of interests, and I believe I could well represent the class of 2013 and all of our diverse talents and activities.

As a CC rep, I hope to get involved with initiatives that will make Williams a better place. Currently I am concerned with the unfavorable relationship between security and the students, and I would like to work with CC to change this. Also, I would like to strengthen Williams’ ties with the community, perhaps with community story times, picnics, service projects, and other events. Ultimately, as class representative, I would work to put your ideas in motion and give the class of 2013 a voice on College Council.

Thanks for voting! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Samantha Teng

My name is Sam Teng, and I’m a senior Biology major. I studied abroad last spring on IHP, and I currently live in Poker Flats. These past few years, I’ve had the unbelievable opportunities to be a WOOLF leader and instructor, help to run BMAC snacks, and serve as an active member of RASAN. Throughout my time at Williams, I’ve had the honor of learning a lot from my amazing peers and becoming a better person because of them. I’d like to help give back to the Williams community by serving as an enthusiastic Class of 2013 representative who will support and plan senior events, look into helping proposals from the Great Ideas campaign come into fruition, and contribute to ways we can make this school a happier, healthier, and safer place.

I look forward to working with College Council to make the '13s the class Williams will never forget.

Self-Nominations of Candidates for Class of 2014 Representative (3 Positions)

Benjamin Fischberg

While the Class of 2014 is following its passions to Spain, Denmark, and England, as well as Frosh Quad, Mission and Garfield, we need a representative who can unify our disparate class and address the challenges, rewards and needs of JAs, people staying at Williams, and people studying abroad. Members of our class pursuing those varied paths have different concerns I will focus on, but we are still one class and keeping us together and developing a better Williams experience is equally important. My experience as a Wood Neighborhood representative on College Council has given me experience working with many departments of the College and a variety of student groups, and that experience will be crucial in improving our junior year at Williams.

Williams does a great job with study abroad, but there are several ways the College could improve its support. I intend to work with Security to give swipe access to students who are registered as abroad in a specific semester. Currently, if you are studying abroad, your ID does not work so you cannot get into buildings. People studying abroad should be encouraged to visit Williams before they leave the US, or when they come back, whether for Thanksgiving, Winter Study, or a school break. We are discouraged from doing so as those of us who are not registered as being at Williams are unable to get into buildings. That is a major obstacle to our enjoyment and participation of the Williams experience that ought to be fixed. Similarly, I will work with Dining Services to start the Guest Meal Plan earlier to students who visit Williams for the first week and a half of the semester are able to join their friends in the dining hall. Dining Services knows when the semester starts, so there is no reason why the start of the Guest Meal Plan cannot be at the same time as the start of the rest of the Meal Plan.

On-campus students are neglected by the College which assumes junior year should be free of complications as we are over the Sophomore Slump, and are not yet Seniors who are thinking about what comes next. This is not the case, and as a student who is on campus all year, I will work to create junior focused events that keep our class together and answer our common questions on what comes next and if we made the right choices last year. Whether events focused on free food, or talks focused on Junior year, its significance and what we should expect in the future, this year should have more attention and I will work to fix that.

Junior year is filled with exciting opportunities, and I want to represent the Class of 2014 on College Council in order to find ways to fix this year’s problems and to better the great parts of this year.

Maya Hawkins-Nelson

My name is Maya Hawkins-Nelson and I am a junior running for class of 2014 representative. In the past I have served on other large campus committees and organizations including Minority Coalition, ACE and Students Against Silence. In addition to these activities I am currently on the board of the Black Student Union, serving as social activities coordinator. I do not state this list to brag about my past campus involvement, but rather to illustrate my belief in cross-extra-curricular involvement. I have noticed during my time here that there has historically been much separation between certain areas on campus including between ACE, Minco, and CC. I hope to bridge this gap. If you elect me for 2014 representative, I promise to move us all, together, towards a stronger, more inclusive Williams.

Brian McGrail

Hey y'all,

I'm running to be a representative for the class of 2014 because I have ideas that I'd like to see put into action. I served last year, and that Council accomplished a lot. Don't get me wrong; I love it here at Williams. But, needless to say I think, there are things that we'd all like to see change drastically. At the top of my priority list is reforming Security's counterproductive policies surrounding alcohol and parties. I'm committed to pushing Security for a more tolerant and sensible solution that encourages more moderate drinking while allowing for better understanding and mutual respect between Security and students.

Now's probably about the time you're saying "Campus policy is boring! I want to get to know YOU as a person!" And I want to give the people what they want, so here it is. Here's a list of things I like: Williams, hanging out, College Council, Carly Rae Jepsen, running Cross Country, and talking about campus policy. Here's a list of things I don't like: Amherst, uptight people, excessive reading loads, and writing self-noms. Only kidding about that last one! Self-noms are my jam.

I have many more ideas about making this campus a better place, but I seriously doubt that you have any desire to read about them. (You can always email me at bwm1 if you're curious about where I stand on policy and I'll talk until you're sorry you asked.) So I'll stop right there and end simply by asking for your vote. As I said, I've served before. With your help, I can continue the never-ending project of making this campus a better place. Thanks for your time.

Gulya Radjapova

Hello, my name is Gulya Radjapova and I am running for the position of the Class of 2014 representative. Throughout my time at the College I have been involved in numerous student organizations, as well as served on the boards of the Minority Coalition as a treasurer, the Women’s Center as an events coordinator, and Wood neighborhood as a programming coordinator. I believe that my work in these organizations allowed me to gain a worthwhile experience in different areas of student life. It was a rewarding time and I think these experiences will allow me to be a valuable member of the College Council this year.

I am very excited to serve on College Council if I get elected and I believe that I can make a sizable contribution. I love working collaboratively, and am convinced that with the recent changes to the College Council constitution, collaborative work would be vital for the success of all of the Class of 2014 representative. This year is crucial for us, juniors, and I am very excited to work on developing student-faculty relationships.

As for the bigger College Council projects, I would love to work more with institutional memory with the student organizations. We have hundreds of student organizations, but sometimes we lack information about their history. I believe that it is important to have a record of the student activity on campus to learn on our own experience.

In any case, I would love to serve you guys on the College Council, so please feel free to contact me with any questions and inquiries.

Self-Nominations of Candidates for Class of 2015 Representative (3 Positions)

Ryan Barry

The mark of a College Council member should be commitment to not only improving the Williams experience but to ensuring that every member of our community is able to enjoy Williams to the fullest extent. To achieve such a lofty goal, my work on College Council would focus on taking the aspects that make our Williams community such a wonderful place and using those attributes to create even more opportunities for people to enjoy them. For example, I firmly believe that the Williams experience is not defined or remembered by what you do but rather who you do it with. Think of your favorite activity that you are involved with on campus – would it be as fun or as memorable without the people you share it with? With this in mind, we can work on providing more opportunities to enjoy the time spent with your friends, but beyond that to also focus on facilitating interactions with new people who can have an amazing impact on your life.

Creating more events, as simple as the Purple Key Fair, can deliver that chance introduction that blossoms into a roommate, study-partner, or simply a new friend. On the opposite side of the spectrum, identifying what and where our school is lacking and then making a concerted effort to enhance our weaknesses would be an additional focus for me on College Council. I have already committed to serving on SAAC which is a group with similar goals: specifically to determine the negative perceptions of athletes on campus and how we can reach out within the community to improve those perceptions.

Focusing on the College as a whole, simple transgressions such as building maintenance present issues that I continuously hear about that, if addressed, would make small but significant contributions to our overall experience. In other instances, the college is devoid of support for certain aspects of the Williams’ culture. As a specific example, I assisted in founding a club devoted to faith formation in order to respond to the pressures of both athletics and academics on campus. Importantly, as a representative of the Class of 2015 and the student body at large, one must be in touch with the tangible problems that we encounter on a day to day basis as well as the more cultural issues that arise. I believe that a willingness to listen and hear about how others’ lives are unfolding is a quality that no amount of experience can make up for because it provides the motivation to not just stand idly by in the lives of others in order to focus on yourself, but to bring the best out of those around you. There is no greater feeling than seeing the lives of your friends, classmates and countless others improved.

Nicole Chen

Hello, Class of 2015! My name is Nicole Chen and I’d love to be a Class of 2015 Representative on College Council. As an involved member of the Williams community, it’s my goal to help everyone have his or her best experience possible here, and your vote would help me achieve this. Here are some reasons why I’d be the best choice in helping your voice be heard:

1. I Know The In’s and Out’s of College Council

As the Pratt House Representative for College Council last semester, I was both an active liaison for the house as well as a member of CC subcommittees. I am aware of the ongoing projects College Council is currently working on and would like to continue helping with the changes they’re making. The most important thing I took out of my last term was that communication is key. To better communicate with my house, I created a listserv that was a vehicle for me to provide CC updates from time to time as well as for residents to let me know their questions, comments, and complaints. Additionally, as a member of the Student Organizations Committee, I helped create and formalize a process for the creation of new student groups on campus. From consulting students interested in creating a new group, to interviewing and prepping groups before they were voted on by CC, I was instrumental in the approval of many student groups last semester.

2. Class of 2015 Pride

In the past year at Williams, I’ve taken on many roles in which I’ve gotten a chance to help improve student life at Williams, and for our class in particular. Many of you probably met me or saw me during Sophomorientation handing out water bottles or asking everybody to sign the banner. As part of the Sophomorientation Committee, I co-chaired the Welcome Back event for sophomores at the Log, which I felt was a great chance for our class to get together after the summer to catch up. Additionally, as a Baxter Fellow I’ve enjoyed getting to know all my residents, every one of which happen to be members of the class of ’15! I hope that I will get the chance to get to know more of you throughout the course of this year.

3. I Want to Make this Year Awesome for You

What does this mean? I want a chance to talk with you and hear about what you want to see happening on campus. Additionally, I look forward to helping with upcoming CC projects like the Bike Share Program, updating and improving the College Council Reserve Textbooks program, and creating a blog or weekly bulletin to allow members of CC to keep the student body better updated.

The ultimate goal of CC is to make everyone’s time at Williams more enjoyable and memorable, and I want this especially for our amazing class. Please help me be a part of this process by voting for me for Class of 2015 Representative!

Clyde Engle ALOHA. Hi guys and gals, I’m Clyde and I’m running for Class of 2015 Rep. because I would really love to represent this great sophomore class on College Council. Williams is a great place with great people and I think I have a lot to offer. College Council is a terrific venue where student concerns are turned into REAL, tangible results. While CC can’t plan huge parties or find the miracle solution for everything, they certainly can create a brighter Williams experience for every student, and I would thrive serving all of you. Some ideas I have are to expand Snack Bar hours beyond 1am, work on the Williams Bus and its routes, focus on offering better services to the sophomore class and working with the fellow reps to put together events, much like Sophomorientation, for all of us. We really are a cool class and we are about to have a lot ahead of us. Next year, we will become JAs, go abroad, and do other awesome things, and this year is a pivotal year for all of us. As a 2015 class rep., I would focus on what all of us as sophomores need and to try to implement your ideas as much as possible. After all, I’d be serving OUR class on Council

Let me tell you a bit about myself: I was born in Chicago, but grew up and consider myself from Maui in the Aloha State. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about everything I do, and I would be an extremely dedicated class rep. Here at Williams, I’m majoring in History, English, and Leadership Studies, although I change my mind everyday, and was in Frosh Revue in the fall, am currently the treasurer of Cap & Bells (the Williams Student Theatre Organization), perform in Cap & Bells and Williams Theatre Department shows, am on the First Year Experience Taskforce looking at how to make the freshmen experience better for future generations of Frosh, and do my own one-man comedy show in Paresky, which you are all invited to come on whenever you want

There are many great candidates for class rep. and all of them are terrific. I think that I’d made a great class rep. because I have the passion, drive, and energy (seriously, you all know) to tackle the projects that face us. I promise that I would work tirelessly for our class to make sure that we get the most out of CC and all of the great opportunities available to us. I have the willingness and drive to get the job done and will passionately serve you on Council. I love this class and would be honored to serve you.

Thanks for reading, guys. I’d really love to be your Class Rep! Peace.

Hamza Farrukh

Hello/Hola/Bonjour/Hujambo/Sup?! Williams is a home away from home and a family that I have chosen for myself. A community as diverse as I could have ever imagined and as caring as I could have ever hoped.

We are not just a class of 500 undergrads living in a small town; we are EPHS. We are committed to persistent excellence, continued betterment and never-ending exploration. And as a part of this talented class, I am committed to working for the student body to voice our concerns/ideas in way that makes a lasting impression and leads to tangible results.

Last year I had the privilege to serve as the Sage Hall Representative and was able to contribute in meaningful projects throughout the year. For example, I worked with dining services and got ice cream at Paresky at dinner time (daily) :D

It would be hard to explain how much I have learned in this past year and it would be silly to try to narrate how much I have gained from Williams and from all of you. I feel inclined to mention that most influential have been: sassy friends, enthusiastic mentors, helpful deans and those First Friday parties.

This year I hope to continue to give back to our community. To make practical sense of lessons learned and to personally implement ideas concerning diversity, tolerance, and service. I will represent 2015-ers with all my abilities and will help unearth opportunities for all of us. I will work with faculty, seniors and tap all available resources to make sure that we all get as much out of our time in the purple valley as possible.

For me, it has always been simple. When I am passionate about something and know that I am going to be great at it, I go for it. So here I am, in the race to be your class rep.

Class of 2015, Remember to vote for Hamza Farrukh as the Class Representative. I promise that you’re going to be proud of yourselves for making this decision :)

Shannon Hsu

Dear Class of 2015,

I’m Shannon Hsu, a sophomore from West, and I’m running to be your Class of 2015 Representative. College Council is a vehicle for change, and seeing our ideas – however small or big – turn into concrete results that improve our lives is what will make this position rewarding.

This semester, I will make the following a priority:


- Increase the accessibility and convenience of BikeShare and Bus With Us

- Implement paid student driver positions, where on-call student drivers provide rides to nearby locations

- Bus pass discounts to NYC and Boston for frequent student riders


- Discount cards to restaurants and shops on Spring Street

- More foreign (meaning delicious!) desserts and fruit variety in dining halls

- Vending machines for healthy snacks and fruit juices in common study areas

Communications and Technology

- Improve upon the student organization Excel list by turning it into an online database including group categories and links to listserv signups

I welcome your ideas as well, especially those concerning sophomore-specific issues such as major selection and junior year planning. You’d be surprised at how easily some ideas can be implemented, so send me all of your suggestions and I will go the extra mile to try to make the changes you want to see happen.

On campus, I currently serve on College Council’s Communications Committee and as a Baxter Fellow. In high school, I represented a student body of 4000 on the school board and implemented changes such as the installment of bathroom locks and the placement of recycling bins in classrooms as part of an eco-friendly campaign. I want to extend these experiences to building a cohesive community and improving life on campus for both our class and the student body at large.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope you're enjoying your return to Williams so far!

Erica Moszkowski

Hey Sophomores! I’m Erica Moszkowski. If you only know me as the person that sends you a long color-coded email every Thursday night, I hope this can be an opportunity for us to get to know each other – after all, I want to be YOUR representative. If elected to CC, I would work my butt off to make the little things in life better for you. How great would it be to have Statistics TAs at the MSRC? Printers Greylock and Currier? An online database of all of the former 99s that people have done? If I missed anything, let me know – nothing gets me more pumped than other people’s great ideas. Having been on two Students Against Silence task forces, Frosh Council, and the SophomOrientation Committee, I’m used to working with faculty, staff, administrators, and other students. For example, I’m working on submitting a report to the Committee on Educational Policy about how to make the Diversity requirement more engaging for students. I also helped edit the Sophomore Handbook, which is full of helpful info for our class about majors, Winter Study and Study Abroad. This year, I was a Leading Minds EphVenture leader and I’m the proud Baxter Fellow for Hubbell. I’m really friendly and enthusiastic, I know what’s going on on campus (writing the Social Calendar helps!), and I’m dedicated to getting any job done (and getting all the little details taken care of). **If there's a change that you can forsee - I'll make it happen if you elect me to CC!**

Kirby Neuner

Hello. My name is Kirby Neuner, and I am running for a position as Class of 2015 Representative. Last year, I was President of the Class of 2015 Frosh Council, and so I have actively communicated with and met the demonstrated needs of members of my class. Additionally, I was one of four students selected as a leader of the Leading Minds orientation program for First Years. I am also a member of the varsity baseball team. As Class Representative, I would work on specific projects, such as having printers installed in more residential buildings. I also would like to provide students with more service opportunities both on campus and in the surrounding community. Next year as a Junior, I hope to be able to travel to Haiti or West Africa in order to assist with the ongoing battles for health and general equity in these places. First, however, I would like nothing more than to help my fellow classmates in whatever ways they deem necessary. In order to fulfill this desire, membership in College Council as a representative of my class is crucial to me. I hope that you will consider me for a position as a Class of 2015 representative. Thanks!

Alexander Pena

As much as I wish I could say otherwise, my first year at Williams was much more difficult than I would have hoped for. At many times I found living on campus to be more strenuous than it was enjoyable. However, since I've begun reaching out more to different people on campus and to the resources offered, it has surprised me how many of the things that did help me feel more comfortable on campus – from story times to the forum on effortless perfection – were College Council-supported initiatives. Meanwhile, several of the resources I have found to be lacking on campus are current projects. As I enter my sophomore year, my goal is to become a Representative for the Class of 2015 to continue supporting these initiatives as well as to represent the interests of students who may be experiencing similar problems on campus and are seeking more fulfillment out of their college experience.

Getting around to introducing myself: my name is Alexander Peña, I am a sophomore currently living in Gladden House in Greylock Quad. I'm from Miami, and I love orange juice - I promise this is relevant. I'm a prospective English and History double major; I'm looking forward to studying abroad, and will hopefully be able to do so during the summer to enjoy my full junior year on campus. On campus I write for The Record, host a radio show on WCFM, tutor at the Writing Workshop, and am treasurer of Rotaract.

I have three main goals for becoming a Class of '15 Representative. The first is working with groups such as Mental Health and Peer Health to support and expand initiatives that provide and publicize services that promote mental and personal well-being. In particular, I want to dedicate myself to dispelling stigmas against depression, anxiety, and other issues, a goal I think deserves a place at the heart of student involvement in College Council precisely because these issues often go on unspoken of.

My second main goal is promoting community service on and around campus. After three years of nearly weekly volunteer commitments throughout high school, I found community involvement to be lacking at Williams. As an officer in Rotaract, a Where Am I?! frosh, and a subsequent WAI?! leader, however, I quickly learned that there are tons of opportunities for community service, and I would make it my goal as a class representative to make these opportunities more accessible to the campus at large. From expanding Habitat for Humanity involvement to holiday food drives, there are so many ways to become a greater part of the surrounding community – it's all about getting word out and bringing the opportunities to the students.

My last main goal: As a native Floridian and human being, I find it imperative that orange juice – in its natural state – become a fixture on campus in general, and particularly at Whitman's.

Michael Williams '15

Greetings to the entire class of 2015, I am Michael Williams and I am extremely enthusiastic to announce myself as a candidate for 2015 Class Representative. To give you my background, I am a member on the Varsity Football team as well as a member of the Williams College International Investment Group, Student Athlete Advisory Committee and Ephs for Christ. As a member of several clubs and a varsity team here at Williams, I am privileged to be exposed to several students from different backgrounds that have their own perspectives on our school. This multitude of students and opinions has inspired me to become a part of College Council and represent their beliefs and wants and it is my goal to be a part of building the community here at Williams. Should I be elected as a 2015 Class Representative, it will be my top priority to collaborate with Political Economy and Economic chairs, Professor Crane and Professor Montiel, to establish an Economics Student Academic Center. The design of the E.S.A.C will mirror the model of the Math and Science Research Center, which offers students individual support on problem-sets and other assignments in core science or math courses here at Williams. I am adamant about this plan because I feel that every student on the Economics or Political Economy track should have strong systems of support in place for them throughout the school week. I am also well aware that everyone does not view Williams as a perfect community, but there is no reason why we cant fight to make it better. If elected, I will work extensively with College Council to build a group that will focus on discussing social problems here at Williams and forming solutions to help strengthen our community. Finally, I am already working with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee to help them build support for our athletic teams. Whether I am elected or not, I will continue to work with SAAC on improving support for our athletic teams and building school spirit throughout our campus. I believe that strengthening an already incredible community is the best way for our students to thrive and be happy here at school. Building our academic support, tackling social issues here on campus and creating enthusiasm for our extra-curricular activities are just a few ways I believe can improve our campus lifestyle. Thank you for your time Class of 2015 and I hope to get your vote! Self-Nominations of Candidates for Armstrong-Pratt Representative (1 position)

Corey Michon

Hi! My name is Corey Michon and I am a freshman here at Williams College. I live in Armstrong 4, and am from Lexington, MA and am running for the position of Armstrong-Pratt representative!

Forming connections between and aiding my peers has always been an innate characteristic of my community involvement. Throughout high school, I made an active effort to get to know all of my classmates, my advisors, and each of the people I came across in my academic life. Personally knowing each of the members of my high school community was extremely fulfilling. What became even more fulfilling, however, was being able to use these connections to understand the needs and wants of my community members and use my position as Class Secretary to voice my peers’ desires and initiate change within the school.

I served on Class Council for the entirety of my high school career, under the title of a Class Officer. I loved my position and was committed to it, and during my experience brought many permanent changes to the school, changes that stemmed from the desires of my classmates. During my experience, I updated the locations of school dances, made prom tickets more generally affordable, created and funded “Senior Week” for soon-to-be graduates, and formed community events that brought the class together. Generally, my role on Class Council focused on increasing my classmates’ happiness within the community, and I hope to do the same here at Williams.

During the three weeks I have spent so far at Williams College, I have come up with multiple ideas for what I would do as your representative- ideas I have gained through conversation with new peers and observations. Ideas specific to Freshmen include Appreciation Notes and the Freshman Survey. Appreciation Notes would supply each freshman with a paper slip during snacks to address to other freshmen or J.A.s that acted out of kindness towards them week. Whether it be to a classmate who stayed up late tutoring you or to a J.A. who helped you out on First Fridays, the recipient of your note would receive your thank-you the following week at snacks. Freshmen surveys would asks questions regarding stress levels, sleep intake, and overall happiness among the Freshman class to allow College Council to better understand the trends in their new classmate’s wellbeing and offer resources and events in response.

Beyond the freshman class, I hope to bring “Kiss a Senior Goodbye” to the Williams, an event I started at my high school. Students would be able to purchase bags of Hershey Kisses for befriended seniors to be delivered the week of graduation, with an attached note to say thanks and goodbye to their departing friends. I additionally would like to make apples, bananas, and other small snacks more available during the school day, have a “Local Fruits and Vegetables Day” in the dining hall where all produce would come from local producers, and make face towels available in the cardio gym.

During my time at Williams, I hope to help my classmates fully enjoy their collegiate experience and strengthen the Williams community. I hope to begin doing so as the Armstrong-Pratt representative, so vote for me, and I’ll work to make your experience at Williams College that best that it can be.

Self-Nominations of Candidates for Mills-Dennett Representative (1 position)

Karen Huan

Students at Williams have a voice. College Council represents us as a student body by translating the things we want to be changed into actions. My name is Karen Huan and I am running for the Mills-Dennett Representative for the class of 2016. I was born and raised in quirky Portland, Oregon all the way on the West Coast. If you’ve ever seen the show Portlandia then you’ve gotten a taste of my life.

Life at Williams differs from my life back in Oregon. For one, I don’t have the luxury of being able walk to “downtown,” or going down to Snackbar at midnight and ordering a pizza, or discovering how much work you can actually (not) accomplish by sitting in the common room instead of the library. But the one aspect of Williams that made me realize “I am going to love being here” is Williams’s ability to come together. All the programs we went through during First Days acknowledged our diversity, celebrated our differences, and prompted us to give back to Williams to make it a richer environment for future Williams students.

One of the goals of CC this year is to create a greater awareness of mental health. I think we’ve all noticed that people here at Williams are pretty damn smart. Not only are we smart, we are athletic; we are creative; we are innovative. But we are also people. Who hasn’t felt stressed while applying for college, worrying about a huge final, or sitting near that cute guy in your math class? But a lot of times, we don’t show it.

I know that I have a hard time letting people in on the problems in my life. I tried to work through my own stress alone and only found myself struggling. My escape came from an unexpected friend who told me bluntly, “I am not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong.” As we move into the school year our stress load can often pile up like snow will here in the winter. We ought to realize that we all struggle at some point in our lifetime, and during these times we should have someone to turn to for support. I wish to be actively involved with this year’s new initiative on promoting good mental health.

I believe that we as a student body can create the change we need at Williams. As a representative of Mills-Dennett I want to promote the supporting environment Williams provides and more specifically work to encourage positive mental health. My name is Karen Huan and I am running for the Mills-Dennett Representative for the class of 2016.

Matt McNaughton '16

Hi everybody! My name is Matt McNaughton. I’m a freshman living in Mills 3 and I am running for Mills-Dennett representative to College Council. I am looking forward to a great four years at Williams. In fact, I’m doubly invested in making sure the class of 2016 has a wonderful experience as I have a twin sister Kathryn, who is also a freshman at Williams. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you, and I look forward to talking to those I haven’t yet had the chance to meet.

As a Williams student, you undoubtedly have, or will have, a variety of great ideas for improving campus life during your freshman year. However, as a Williams student, you will undoubtedly also be incredibly busy with your classes, sports, friends, and other activities. As Mills-Dennett representative, I would work to utilize social media to make it easy and quick for you to share your ideas and concerns with College Council, as well as view and comment on the ideas of other residents. For example, if someone had a great idea about how to make the line for Mission shorter, he or she could post it on a newly created Mills-Dennett College Council Facebook page. Other students could comment and further grow the idea. Then, I would take the ideas to College Council and work to implement them, strengthened by the evidence of grassroots student support. I hope this would be an effective, simple, and quick way for you to have your voice heard.

I believe that I have the experience to be an effective representative of Mills-Dennett. In high school, I was co-chair of the school’s major fund-raising activity, a student run all night volleyball tournament that involved more than 250 students and ultimately raised over $25,000. I also started and led a student group that was dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the school. Through these experiences, I learned many key leadership and organization skills – collaborating as a team, managing budgets, and implementing ideas. Most importantly, I’m ready to listen, learn, and work to implement your ideas! If anyone has ideas, please email me at, or come by my room to chat (I’m in Mills 311). Thanks for your time!

Self-Nominations of Candidates for Sage Hall Representative (1 position)

Michael Barajas '16

My name is Michael Barajas. I am a freshman, prospective English\History double major, and a proud member of the finest freshmen entry at Williams, Sage F. Though I was born in the bustling non-metropolis of Omaha, Nebraska, I was raised in and lived most of my life in Chicago (go Bears!)

I love to be involved on campus. In high school, I was a junior editor for the student newspaper, was president of my school’s National Honor Society, secured funding for a theater program to be established the year after I graduated, and headed several fundraising efforts during my four years.

I want to extend my involvement even further and be involved on the Williams College Council. As a Freshman House Representative, I would love to the voice of Sage Hall on campus. I would be the voice of our people on campus. Any ideas, improvements or projects would go through me, and I would fight (politely) to see them through. Improvement of laundry facilities in the Sage basement, rallies for freshman athletes before games, fun study groups, and a freshman entry Hunger Games are all ideas that I am passionate about and hope my fellow frosh are too.

If you want a well-informed, intelligent, handsome, funny, and modest young man to represent you on College Council, I'm your guy. Go Sage!

Jessica Bernheim

I’m Jessica Bernheim and I am running for the position of Sage Hall Representative.

The College Council has the ability to make effective and tangible change to the lives of the students – I want to be a part of that change. I am passionate about debate and public speaking, and as your Sage Hall Representative, I would use those interests to articulate the needs of Sage Hall on the College Council. I have been involved in my high school’s student government from my sophomore year to my senior year and so I have much experience in expressing the concerns of my constituents to the student governing body and legislating on their behalf. The College Council is but one of the many institutions striving to improve the quality of your experience on campus and it is the organization in which I believe I can do my part to impact positive change for our community. When I came to Williams to visit during Preview Weekend, I sat in on a College Council planning session, in which I was able to see first hand, the hard work and dedication of its representatives. During First Days, when we heard Krista and Peter address us, I knew that College Council was something of which I wanted to be a part. The Williams Student Body is an extraordinary, eclectic mix of students who share two general characteristics – kindness and intelligence – that was the primary reason I wanted to come to Williams and that is the primary reason, I would like to represent you on the College Council.

Here are some of the things I would like to work on if elected as your Sage Hall Representative: I would like to work to advance the implementation of an idea the College Council is currently pursuing – Bike Rentals, in which students could rent a bike for a specific period of time so as to reduce those “long” treks around campus! I also think that there is a disparity in the quality of food between Paresky and Mission – a subject, which could be further examined and hopefully rectified. Several small steps towards fixing that problem would be adding Hot Chocolate Powder and Chai Latte powder to the Paresky Cafeteria, working to ensure that if pork is on the menu, it is not featured in both hot entrees, a significant issue for students who keep kosher or halal, and increasing the quantity of fresh fruit. I also think we should work to create a comprehensive list of classes that can be audited! These are just some of the many ideas that I would like to work on! The College Council serves as the primary means of expressing the Student Voice – Let me be a part of that Voice! I promise that I will be a dedicated and passionate member of the College Council. I promise that I will work hard to effect change that has a positive and meaningful impact on your lives, and I promise that I will do my best to communicate to you the work of the Council and communicate to the Council the work you wish it to do. Vote Jessica Bernheim for Sage Hall Representative!

Allison Wu

Hi! I’m Allison Wu, a freshman from Newton, MA, currently living in Sage A and running for Sage Hall Representative. I don’t yet know what I’d like to major in, but I’m interested in economics and political science. I’ve loved living in Sage so far and believe Sage deserves a representative who is dedicated and experienced in student governance leadership. As chair of the policy board for my high school, I successfully increased communication both among student representatives and between the board and the student body. I also served a two-year term as the student representative to my school’s Academics Standards Committee, establishing policies regarding GPA, requirements, and new courses, and chaired the School Council, the principal’s advisory council, during which I facilitated a school-wide evaluation of progress over a five-year period. Beyond student government, I have worked on policies at local and national levels, increasing the voices of young people in policymaking and education reform.

College Council concluded last year successfully and with some projects still in progress. Specific in-progress projects I would focus on include improving FacTrack with a more active moderator system and implementing an anonymous faculty feedback form for students to share their thoughts on courses with professors during the semester. Most importantly, I will actively seek suggestions from you regarding your concerns and thoughts relating to academics, extracurriculars, funding, the community, or other areas. As Sage Hall Representative, I will bring my commitment to transparency to the Williams College Council, ensuring all residents are informed of issues affecting you and how you can influence them. I would be honored to have your vote and represent Sage this year.

Self-Nominations of Candidates for Williams Hall Representative (1 position)

Dylan Freas ‘16

My name is Dylan Freas (class of 2016) and I am running for the Williams Hall Representative position. I have had several leadership positions throughout high school, such as holding an officer position in my school's Key Club and National Honor Society, along with being the Science League captain during my sophomore, junior, and senior year; however, I find those experiences irrelevant to the position for which I am currently running.

The quality I possess that makes me stand out from others is my unconditional love and respect for everyone who is around me. I express this sentiment through a variety of simple good deeds, such as taking people’s trays after they have finished eating, randomly telling someone they look nice in a particular outfit when I pass them (despite the risk of seeming “creepy”), or purposely walking ahead of my friends when we are about to enter a building just so I can hold the doors open for them. As a result of these actions, several people have exclaimed to me, “Dylan, you’re the nicest person in the world!” I disagree, as I would rather consider myself someone who is the best at seeing the good in everyone; if I did not so often see downright amazingness in my fellow Ephs at Williams, I would not make endless attempts to facilitate their days, whether it is by holding the door for them or by simply making them smile.

One of my personal goals here at Williams is to meet a new person every day, whether it is one of my classmates, a professor, or even a dining hall worker; through this outreaching personality, along with the optimism that I effortlessly and ceaselessly radiate, I certainly consider myself tremendously approachable, a quality that is often overlooked in a leader. When pondering the relationship of a prospective representative and the people who are represented, I imagine the represented people possessing an unshared feeling of respect for their representative; if I were to become the Williams Hall Representative, I would not only exhibit mutual respect, but also, more importantly, mutual love.

I am fully aware that anyone who decides to run for this position will be fully capable to carry out their duties representing their classmates; I mean, we are talking about Williams College students here! In other words, I know any candidate would make a good Willy Representative. However, the difference between a good representative and a great representative is not only the genuine respect they have for those who they serve, but also the ability to express this feeling. I am certain that those who know me can attest to the assertion that whether or not I end up holding this position, the care with which I treat them, along with the admiration that I feel for each of them, will remain unchanged. For these reasons, I truly believe that I am the best candidate for this position. Thank you!

Jesus Espinoza

Hey! My name is Jesús Espinoza and I’m running for College Council Williams Hall Representative.

First, let me introduce myself. As you already know, my name is Jesús. Many people pronounce my name as one does in Spanish (hey-SOOS), but many, many more people use the English pronunciation, which I don’t mind at all. Ironically, considering a name like that, I’m from what many people call “Sin City”: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Now, the most reasonable question you might ask at this point is, “Why the hell should I vote for this guy?” My response is simple. Williams Hall is my home, and as my home, I want to do anything I can to ensure Willy has a strong and assertive voice on campus, all while collaborating with the greater Williams community. I don’t want to represent Willy simply because I want to gain a college leadership position, nor do I want to represent Willy just to add some substance to my résumé. I want to represent Willy in order to make our hall THE best first-year hall at Williams. How will I do that? By prioritizing Willy’s needs above all and working hard to satisfy those needs.

Throughout the year, I pledge to keep my eyes and ears open for needed improvements, and I will maintain clear and open dialogue between fellow Willy residents and myself. (Want to chat? Come up to me anytime at Willy A or see my contact information below. Ask anyone who knows me and he or she will tell you that I’m always up for a good conversation.)

Furthermore, you should know that leadership is anything but new to me. I’ve held positions such as Forensics/Debate Secretary, Nevada Boys’ State Supreme Court Chief Justice, Clark County Bar Association Peer Counsel – where I prosecuted and defended actual juvenile delinquents in the Clark County, Nevada, family court system—, and so forth.

Given that you now know a little more about me, on Election Day, ask yourself this question: What would Jesus do?


Martin Lawrence

My name is Martin Lawrence. No, I’m not the comedian. I’m a sweet ‘16er just like you. I’m currently serving as the representative for Willy F. I would be honored, however, to represent the collective desires of the entire Williams Hall. In just such a short time, Williams has already given so much to me. This is why I want to give back in the best way possible.

Other than my new role representing Willy F, I’ve held a couple of different positions that have given me experience in order to best serve our dorms. I represented the State of Arizona at multiple national mock Congress sessions. I was the chairman for the Board of Power Paws, a non-profit organization dedicated to training and matching service dogs. I’ve been on student council and held leadership roles during all four years of my high school career.

If elected, I will make communication with you a top priority. The most important thing is for me to accurately reflect the concerns of each and every member in Williams Hall. I will hold regular meetings in which anyone can bring up suggestions that they want implemented or problems that they wish to be fixed. If something needs more urgent attention, I will individually meet with that person or exchange emails. If meetings aren’t really your thing, I’m an avid Facebook user. I check Facebook and my email every day.

Williams is such a loving place to which each and every student uniquely contributes. But, we can make it even better! I’m sure that many of you have ideas on how to improve the current situation at Willy. Even if you don’t, I’d still love to hear about the things that you currently like in order to make sure they are maintained the same way. Together we can make our living situation the best it can be for everyone. I’d love to lead Williams Hall’s charge towards making Williams a better, more representative, college.

Nick Zaza

What up members of Willy! I’m Nick Zaza - for all of you guys who don’t know me, I’m a Brooklyn, NY native and I currently reside in Willy E. As a member of the class of 2016, I plan on either pursuing a major in mathematics or economics, but I still hope to dabble in humanities classes - ya know, taking advantage of the “liberal arts education.” Since I’m new here, like most of the other first years, I wasn’t really sure how to write a “Self-Nom” for the position of the Willy Representative, so I googled it. I now know that I must convince you guys that I want to be the Willy Representative in College Council, whether it be explicit or implicit. I’ve clearly gone through the route of the former, and I’d really like to implement some of my ideas in order to not only make my graduating class a better place, but make the school a better place for classes to follow. Firstly, the printer situation isn’t super helpful to students – unless you’re lucky enough to have a roommate with a printer or have a printer yourself (that works), you’re mandated to drag your heavy backpack to either Sawyer or Schow to print a paper that’s due at midnight, which you conveniently have procrastinated until 11:55. If one printer were put into place in each of the “main common rooms,” hectic times could be subsided. Secondly, a ping-pong table is needed in order to maintain the peace and tranquility of the entries. I’m thinking maybe a ping-pong table in the basement of Willy. This way, you can totally play ping-pong while your clothes are in the laundry – killing two birds with one stone. Note – I do not support animal cruelty. As there is a word limit, I’ll keep it short on here, but vote for me and your voices will be heard!

2016 Honor and Discipline Committee

Joseph Benenati ‘16

“I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against.” - Malcolm X I’m Joseph Benenati (’16) and I’m running for the position of a representative on the Honor and Discipline Committee. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I’m perfect or that I’m the pinnacle of appropriate behavior. I twerk, I work, and I go berserk. To quote Meredith Brooks: I’m a b*tch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a brother, I’m a sinner, I’m a saint, and I do not feel ashamed. I’m your hell, I’m your dream, I’m nothing in between. I hope you wouldn’t want it any other way. I believe that someone who is supposed to represent justice shouldn’t be perfect but rather embrace the many different dimensions of what being human means. People often say justice is blind, but if we take a good look at our justice system, we can see that it’s not. When deciding justice, people make judgments based on their perceptions. These perceptions are often based on their life experiences and mentality. I’m not perfect and gossiping is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, but I realize the meaning of the maxim: don’t judge a book by its cover. Going to Williams, where it’s in our blood to defy pre-conceptions, has only emphasized this lesson. Just the other day, my entry-mate and I realized we shared the same favorite book: Perks of Being a Wallflower. He’s a straight, confident jock and I’m a gay, bubbly drama-queen, but we were equally moved by this short, brilliant novel (which I highly recommend). I hope you, my friends and classmates, pick me as one of your representatives on the Honor and Discipline Committee. I will draw from my diverse life experiences as well as those of my family and close friends, to hopefully deal fairly with my classmates and any problems that may arise at Williams. Go Ephs!

Peter Cihon ‘16

Greetings Class of ‘16. My name is Peter Cihon. I’m from Upstate New York and live in Pratt 3. I am running to be your representative on the Honor and Discipline Committee. My pertinent experience: class president, mock trial, and an interest in constitutional law. But a little more on what I’ll do if elected: The Committee is tasked with deciding the innocence or guilt, and, if necessary, punishment of people accused of violating the Code of Academic Honesty. It also presides over appellate cases from the Dean regarding general student misconduct. At such an academically rigorous school like Williams, it is imperative that each person is solely responsible for his or her own work. Along those lines, the Honor and Discipline Committee is tasked with ensuring policies that facilitate our world-class education are followed. I’m sure you’re aware of the recent cheating scandal at Harvard – such occurrences tarnish a school’s reputation. Let Williams never rest on our laurels like our neighbor by the Charles. In contrast to 125 students cheating on a final, often infractions of the Williams Code of Academic Honesty may be inadvertent or simply misunderstandings. With that crucial knowledge in mind, I will be a fair judge, for my action on the Committee will have real repercussions in every case. Justice is not black and white. Innocence or guilt cannot be determined through cursory examination. We live in the United States of American, where “innocent until proven guilty” and “trial by jury of your peers” are at the core of our judicial system. In that spirit, Williams College allots students representation in the Honor and Discipline Committee. As students, we can best understand the context of each case that may come before the Committee. As someone who is deeply interested in political science and constitutional law, I will represent you intelligently. As someone who values the truth and harbors a healthy skepticism for authority, I will come to a decision in only the fairest manner. You can count on me.

Kyra Deeth-Stehlin ‘16

Having served three years on my high school’s Honor Council, a similar eight-person board to William’s Honor and Discipline Committee, I highly value maintaining a community in which honor, integrity and respect foster an environment of vibrant discussions and insightful learning. I would love to have the opportunity to contribute to upholding William’s values of trust and integrity. My Honor Council experience has taught me a lot about impartiality and listening attentively. Every time a case was presented to us, I would set aside my preconceptions and listen carefully to the evidence and explanations provided. My role in reviewing each case thoroughly and asking questions that tested the validity of information helped both the council and me to make just, unbiased and informed decisions. Being a member of an Honor Committee is a challenging job, especially in a small school where you know many people. As I knew everyone at my high school, I believe my experience serving on Honor Council there has prepared me well for setting aside any emotions and predispositions in order to judge a case fairly. I strongly value following my own convictions, even when they run counter to the popular sentiment or views of others, and pledge to play devil’s advocate in raising questions to ensure the Honor and Discipline Committee thoroughly investigates each case that comes before it. It is also important that, if a student is found to be in violation of the Honor Code, the disciplinary action is proportionate to the nature of the infraction. If elected, I will endeavor to use my best efforts to ensure that there is an equitable outcome for the students, faculty, school and community. I would appreciate your support in this election. Thank you for taking the time to read my submission.

Ahmad Green-Hayes ‘16

I’m Ahmad Greene-Hayes and I’m hoping to be one of the Class of 2016’s Representative for the Honor and Discipline Committee (HADC). I’m a first-year student from ‘the best’ entry on campus, Willy E. Currently, I intend to double major in Economics and Anthropology, and concentrate in Africana Studies. I am particularly interested in understanding how society can improve, as we become more inclusive and welcoming to the distinctive perspectives of one another. I believe that out of the tasks facing humanity in the 21st century, the preeminent one is celebrating diversity. Williams stands firm on the philosophy that in order to see the bettering of our world, we must “provoke individual, institutional, and cultural change.” This is done through the innumerable thought-provoking courses readily available to students and the wide array of clubs and activities on campus. I recently joined the Black Student Union, the Men’s Rugby Team, and the Law Society, and have volunteered to tutor local ABC students. It is my belief, however, that in order to continue fostering an academic environment prized by its commitment to all kinds of diversity, we must commit as well to truth-telling. How else can we grow together if we are not honest with one another?

I believe in what our honor code stands for. It directly correlates to the importance of government. Growing up in Newark, New Jersey, I developed a keen interest in local and national politics, and the philosophical and historical thinking behind governance in our society. From what I have studied thus far in my academic career, without government, or a system of laws to govern a body of people, society would be in utter chaos. I have directly observed the benefit of governance through my active participation in my high school’s student government. Without it, the school would be disorganized, and students would not be able to receive the full benefit of attending school. I believe the Honor Code guarantees students the type of education they deserve. The success of the Honor Code is based on the willingness of the school community to see that it accomplishes that which it has been set out to do. At the beginning of the academic year, when we agree in writing to abide by the Honor Code and the system of discipline it requires, we reenact what the Declaration of Independence calls, “the consent of the governed.” The HADC enforces the severity of the Honor Code, but the moral character of Williams’ students preserves its original purpose to encourage “the free exchange of ideas.” 
As one who chose to come to Williams because of its attitude toward principles of inclusion, I want to see to it that diversity is never tainted. If my being on the HADC is what it will take to accomplish this, I will need your vote. I hope you can give it to me. 

Stephen Mayfield ‘16

I would like to be put on the ballot for the position of honor committee representative for the class of 2016. While looking at colleges throughout high school, the idea of students enforcing the standards of the institution was first introduced to me at Haverford, and since then, that idea has been extremely attractive to me. Being held accountable by your peers is something special that really helps to foster honesty and pride in one’s own work. However, the inclusion of faculty members on the honor committee is by no means a detriment to this accountability. Faculty can provide insight into cases that the students overlook, and usually provide a sound argument, regardless of what position they take. I want to be a part of such an organization in order both to better understand the Williams Honor Code and to take a more active role in the student body as a whole. By this point, you’re probably wondering why I’m going on like this instead of getting to how I’m qualified for this position. I’ll tell you why: because I’ve never really done anything like this before. The closest I’ve come was being elected as the President of my high school’s band. That being said, I’m still seeking this opportunity because I feel that I am level headed and fair. I don’t think of myself as being judge, jury, and executioner; however, I don’t like cheating, and I believe that most everyone who chose this school similarly frowns upon cheating. Since the Williams Honor Code is designed to prevent it, I think the clearest course of action for me is to try my hand as a part of the committee. The simplicity of my plan sounds childish even to me; and yet, perhaps that is why I like it so much. No situation is entirely black and white. There are reasons that people at this school would break the code; nobody would do it just to see what would happen. That being said, it is up to the honor committee to decide what is a violation, and what is not. In that regard, the honor code is black and white; preferential treatment cannot be given to someone because of his situation if they have committed the same violation as another guilty person. I want to be as fair as possible, but the honor code represents academic integrity for our institution, and cannot be taken lightly. For that reason, I would be honored to serve as an upholder of the code.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Paige Wilkinson ‘16

Williams College is an institution devoted to the pursuit of knowledge in its many facets and fields. The liberal arts education its members hope to gain from said pursuit of knowledge is not simply commending a certain amount of facts to mind, but gaining a certain amount of perspective about the world, social interaction, and subjects themselves. Williams creates the future leaders of our global society because it does not just teach its students facts; it truly teaches us how to think for ourselves in the many fields in which we explore during our time here as well as after we leave. This pursuit of knowledge, this quest for understanding, is a goal worthy of undertaking. However, this goal of liberal arts education and of Williams College specifically, is cheapened by academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty, in which a student uses dishonest means by which to try to achieve a higher grade or position they do not deserve, cheapens this noble goal. By using these dishonest means to achieve a better superficial mark or a higher grade-point average, this education becomes simply a grade. Just grades instead of this pursuit of knowledge and new understanding which may exist past the facts we learn here out into the real world. If this education becomes simply grades, it ceases to be that free exchange of ideas and knowledge that the college has striven so hard to create and we worked so hard to be a part of in our academic endeavors. In certain students’ academic dishonesty, they have the ability to cheapen the education of us all. This is the reason for which I would love to be a member of the Honor and Discipline Committee. I want to be a part of the preservation of the exchange of ideas and the academic growth which is the core value of a Williams College education. I want to help preserve one of the things that make this college such an amazing place.

Cinnamon Williams ‘16

Ask someone-anyone-the top three reasons they decided to attend Williams College, and they’re highly likely to cite academics at some point. Whether they were a football recruit, lover of the arts, legacy applicant, or last-minute attendee, they know that the education they’ll receive here is top-notch and unrivaled. Myself included. When I made the decision to attend Williams, I knew that I’d leave with more than a prestigious degree; I would have actually acquired knowledge- something I had always been dying to do in high school. Of course, at Williams, you soon discover that you’re not the only one who wants to arrive at brilliant conclusions, create precise arguments, or know all the answers. But how is it that such a self-selected population of students is able to do all of these things in the classroom, on tests, or while doing homework? The answer lies in the Student Honor Code. An integral part of the academic experience at Williams (or on any college campus for that matter) is forging ideas on your own and learning that it’s okay for your answers to be wrong, challenged, debated, scrutinized, or all of the above…as long as they’re solely yours. Another part is upholding academic integrity. But how do we do that? How do we maintain that standard? That’s where I come in! My name is Cinnamon Williams, and I am running for a position on the College Council’s Honor and Discipline Committee for the Class of 2016! Serving as the student body vice president for all four years of high school has proved to be my most valuable asset in running as a candidate on this committee. In regards to it, I have acquired some experience with majority representation and compromise. Though a position on the Honor and Discipline Committee doesn’t involve making any specific promises with social or extracurricular activities, these two qualities intersect in deliberating honesty (or the lack of it) in academic matters. I am able to fuse the two by being both reasonable and exacting; rigid yet flexible; spicy yet sweet. ;) Don’t just vote; vote smart. Spice up your College Council with Cinnamon Williams for the Class of 2016’s Representative on the Honor and Discipline Committee!

2015 Honor and Discipline Committee

Eduard Ciobanu ‘15

I am interested in becoming a member of the Honor and Discipline Committee for several reasons. My class, Philosophical Approaches to Contemporary Moral Issues, has allowed me to think about issues of morality in daily life. When I look to the Honor Code, I see it as not as a mandatory pledge required to enroll in classes, but as the moral act to follow. If we look further into why the Honor Code is the moral option, we see that it ensures an authentic, engaging environment that Williams strives to maintain. A violation of the Honor Code creates a disingenuous atmosphere, where students would only be fooling themselves in receiving a quality education. The purpose of college is not just to receive a diploma after four years, but it is more about the journey one is on during those four years. The challenges along the road are intended to forge persistence and perseverance. College is not easy. Those who opt to take illegal short cuts are not only damaging their own reputation, but the reputation of the entire student body. Also, I greatly admire the Honor Code policies at Haverford College. It is well recognized as an institution that prides itself on the moral decisions of its students. Haverford allows students to take final exams with the assurance that students will abide by the honor code and not cheat. I know that some classes at Williams offer this option, with a strict time schedule on when the test needs to be returned. However, our school is not as well recognized for this as our peer institution. I would love for Williams to be able to advertise this during informational sessions and campus tours. It would showcase the great trust that the institution has in its students. The focus is directly on students to create the campus atmosphere we desire. It is up to us to continually stress the honor code to our peers, so that our professors recognize our trustworthiness, and in turn, the greater community may recognize it as well. In addition, the banner that reads, “My Name is my Honor” is a bold statement. I remember stopping on the stairs of Sawyer to read the names written all across the banner. I marveled at the students, standing in solidarity for moral judgments. I took these words to heart, pondering the true meaning of the phrase. I can remember trusting certain people throughout my life because of their impeccable character. To me, this was another form of that. It is shouting in a passive world. It is claiming a moral high ground, seeking to sustain it, and enduring throughout any trial. The banner inspired to think about the true meaning of those words. For these reasons, I would be thrilled to be a member of the Williams College Honor and Discipline Committee. It is our duty to progress the standard of moral excellence on campus.

Laura Berman '15

I, Laura Berman ’15, am running to be a sophomore representative on the Honor and Discipline Committee. I want to serve as your voice and representative again this year as I did last year. I will serve my fellow students justly and compassionately.

My interest in serving on Williams’s Honor and Discipline Committee stems from my past experience. I served on the Honor and Discipline Committee last year, participating in dozens of adjudications. As a student on those judicial committees, I served a two-fold purpose: I represented all Williams students, whose work was devalued by others’ cheating, and I represented the accused students, who should be judged by their peers. I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges that emerge in such a committee. It takes experience to distinguish between temporary lapses of judgment versus pure laziness, or between misunderstanding instructions versus intentionally violating rules, or between real remorse versus discomfort at being caught. I’ve also seen the humiliation that accompanies the students accused of honor code violations, and I recognize the importance of confidentiality to everyone involved in the process.

The purpose of an honor code is not to entrap students, but to make them cognizant of the importance of behaving ethically. Academic dishonesty hurts the integrity of the entire community, and I take safeguarding that integrity very seriously. I want to serve on the Honor and Discipline Committee because I believe that, with my experience and judgment, I can represent all students’ interests fairly and objectively.

Tyler Sparks ‘15

Hi, Class of 2015! My name’s Tyler Sparks. I served as one of your representatives on the Honor and Discipline Committee last year, and I’m asking for your vote again this year. I tried to get to know each of you last year, so hopefully you already know who I am and why you should vote for me; however, if I did not get the opportunity to meet you, then I hope this self-nom will convince you that I am the right person to represent our class. After one year of hearing cases and learning intricate rules and procedures, I know that objectivity and fairness are the most necessary characteristics for this position. I want to show you how I applied these two attributes to represent our class and serve our community. To start, I attended every hearing last year except one that overlapped with a midterm. I always contributed my honest thoughts, but most importantly, I maintained fairness in every case. My highest priority was to be consistent so that no student received an unjust sanction. To further this emphasis on equality, I extensively worked with the Student Chair to compile Honor Code information into one comprehensive website. Previously, different websites possessed a variety of conflicting, sometimes outdated, information about the Honor Code; someone who saw guidelines on the Dean’s website could have easily read something contradictory elsewhere. Now you can find accurate Honor Code information in one comprehensive website: By consistently attending meetings, casting unbiased votes, and revamping the Honor Code website, I worked on behalf of the Class of 2015 to maintain impartiality within our honor system. While this equity is crucial to the application of the Honor Code, I found that prevention is equally important. First-Years accounted for over half of Honor Code cases last year, so this summer, I reached out to Dean Bolton to create Honor Code outreach in the entries. We worked together so that, this September, Junior Advisors will hold discussions about the Honor Code with their frosh, and Committee Representatives will visit entries to introduce themselves and answer any questions. I engaged in other activities to promote the Honor Code as well, such as tabling at Paresky to get the “My Name is My Honor” banner signed. I also talked with many of you over dinner about the Honor Code and what you should, but might not know, about the honor system. My goal is to continue these prevention efforts on campus this year to thwart preventable cases. Ultimately, though, not every case can be averted. You want someone who deeply cares about this College and the Class of 2015 to make the absolute fairest decision on your behalf. I am that person, and that is why I’m asking for your vote.

2014 Honor and Discipline Committee

Ethan Gracer (Spring)/Sarah Meyerhoff (Fall)

Ethan Gracer ‘14

I’ve served on the Honor/Discipline Committee for the past two years, in addition to serving for two years on my high school’s equivalent body. Last year, I was appointed as the Communications Officer. In this role, I helped the student chair update honor committee policy, reorganized the committee’s website to be clearer and easier to navigate, and worked with the administration to provide clearer guidelines for the honor code sections of class syllabi. Being on the honor committee is a very demanding and challenging responsibility, but I have considered it to be my most important commitment at Williams. I think that it’s essential to have student perspective in addition to faculty and administrative perspectives in honor committee proceedings and deliberations so that different opinions are balanced out. That’s why I’ve continued to run year to year, despite the difficulty of the position. I would really appreciate your vote so I can continue to fill this role. Thank you!

Sarah Meyerhoff ‘14

I’m Sarah Meyerhoff, a Political Science Major and Environmental Studies concentrator from Washington, DC! This year, as a junior, I’m living in Carter house and will spend my time tutoring at Mt. Greylock, volunteering at the Williamstown Youth Center, interning for the Elizabeth Warren campaign, and working at the Writing Workshop. I also serve on two College Council committees; the Campus Environmental Advisory Committee and the Campus and Community Advisory Committee. In the spring, I’ll be crossing the Atlantic for the first time to study development policy in Kampala, Uganda. One of the parts of the Williams community that I value most is the abundance of opportunities for students to support each other in whatever they do—and the way students take advantage of those opportunities with so much enthusiasm. Williams students without fail receive the encouragement of their peers in dedicating themselves to wide selection of groups, teams, and activities. But the commitments students make aren’t limited to the fields, courts, and stages; in fact, one of the most important commitments students make during their time at Williams is their signing of the Honor Code. Williams students have the unique opportunity to support their friends and classmates in pursuing academic honesty and meeting instructor requirements. Since this is not a privilege students at most colleges are presented with, it is one that we should treat with respect and thoughtfulness. I see the Honor and Disciplinary Committee as an integral component of this support system and would approach my duties on the committee with the understanding that the Honor Code is just another avenue through which Williams students bring out the best in one another. I recognize that Honor Committee is not about punishing people who do “bad” things, but about holding our classmates to standards that will make them better students and better people. As a member of the committee, I would strive to allow students brought before the council a fair and adequate opportunity to support their claims and defend their actions in front of their peers, who, as students at Williams, understand the pressures and choices students face when completing papers, tests, and projects. I would examine cases carefully and without bias. Most importantly, I would work to uphold the Honor Code and culture of academic integrity on which our community is built. It would be a privilege to serve on the Honor and Disciplinary Committee for the 2012-2013 school year, and in doing so, support you in supporting each other.

Kate Flanagan ‘14

I would be honored—no pun intended—to represent the Class of 2014 as an elected member of the Honor & Discipline Committee for another year. If re-elected, I will continue to assess all potential honor code violations fairly and with empathy. In high school, I served on our Judicial Board for two years, and I was elected the Chair of the Judicial Board during my senior year. I deeply valued the role of the honor code in my high school, and when I arrived at Williams, our honor code was just as important to me. At the beginning of last year, I was elected by our class to the Williams Honor & Discipline Committee, and I spent my year deliberating alleged honor code violations. As a member of the Honor & Discipline Committee, my main priority has been to act as an advocate for my fellow students. We’re lucky enough to have a system in place at the College that prioritizes the student perspective in many places on campus, and this is one of them. From my experience on honor councils, I’ve developed a strong belief that the purpose of an honor code is to protect a community and its members, not to exact punitive damages against those who transgress the honor code. When we make decisions on an alleged honor code violation, or recommend consequences, we don’t consider them as “punishments.” We consider them as an opportunity to grow, a chance to learn, and a moment to reconsider the values of our community. Williams is a living and learning community, and our Honor & Discipline Committee reflects that. The Honor & Discipline Committee is a unique outlet at Williams to truly enact these values, and it is my hope that I can continue to represent our class in this process.

Samuel Tripp ‘14

Hello Williams College! My name is Samuel Tripp and I am in the class of 2014, and would like to serve you on the Honor and Discipline Committee. Coming from a high school where academic discipline was handed down from high and not stemming from an honor code cultivated amongst its students has shown me the power that this code has at Williams. We go to a school where there is an expectation of honesty to maintain, and it is something that I personally value very highly in our culture. I would like to continue to uphold this through serving all of you on this committee, while also looking critically at the process we use to uphold it. Thanks!

2013 Honor and Discipline Committee

James Elish ‘13

The Honor Committee has provided some of the most interesting, rewarding and painful moments of my time at Williams College. Let me be clear: the work of the Honor Committee is not 'fun.' Its meetings leave me emotionally drained and mentally tired. I do not look forward to receiving the email calling a session of the Committee. Yet, I am asking you for the privilege of representing the class of 2013 on the Committee for another year. I do so because it is a cause in which I am personally invested. I deserve your consideration and support in light of the experience, temperament, and approach that I bring to the Committee. I cannot convince you through this self-nom that I am any more fair or judicious than another candidate. I believe that most people are capable of producing reasoned and considered opinions. I can say that, having been on the Committee, you want to elect someone who understands every facet of life at Williams. You require representatives who can reach into their own experience to recall the stresses and tribulations that go along with life as an Eph. I play club sports, write for publications, am in too many clubs, and enjoy a good party on the weekends. I do a lot, but so do we all. I am an average Williams student; trying to do it all without showing any of the stresses, worries, and fears of campus life. I am who you want on the Committee. Having been in the Committee room, I know that when students come before us, it is the worst day of their college experience. I cannot promise leniency, nor would you want me to, but I can say that I have walked a mile in your shoes. The breadth of my experience has resulted in deep compassion that I bring with me to the Committee. As a senior on the Committee, I would continue and expand the nascent outreach program that has been extended in recent years. The number of students who come before the Committee through ignorance of the code and academic expectations is tragic and could be drastically reduced through more concerted outreach. While academic integrity must start with individual professors and students, the clear communication of expectations from the Committee to the Faculty might produce fewer infractions. I promise that, once elected, I will explore ways to enhance understanding of the Committee process and the code upon which it is predicated. There is little I can say in this self-nom to prove my fairness or compassion. Those who know me consider me to be just and loyal. To those of you who I do not know, I ask that you trust me. I am experienced, and I understand your lives. No one is perfect, and coming before the Committee does not mean that you are a bad person. People make mistakes. At Williams, failure is sometimes unavoidable. The quest for perfection can have unintended consequences. As your voice on the Committee, I will protect our code and our integrity. I will advocate, with passion, for what I believe is right. I ask that you allow me to be the defender of our institution’s integrity, and I pledge to follow through on that mandate with compassion.

Anh Nguyen ‘13

One of the first questions people asked me when I arrived on campus was, “Why Williams?” Of all the wondrous qualities Williams possess, I must say my answer is and has always been the Williams community. This small and intimate campus is home to one of the warmest and closest communities I’ve ever been a part of. This is a community built on mutual trust and understanding. It’s why professors can trust students to collaborate on problem sets, to take rescheduled exams anywhere they want, and even to take exams alone. It’s also why, even though professors are our teachers, they are also our some of our closest friends and greatest life mentors. This sacred trust is what our honor code is all about and it’s also why I want to be a part of the committee that protects it. As a sophomore, you have granted me the privilege of being a committee member and I hope you will grant me that privilege once again. My experience has given me insight not only into how to protect the honor code but how to protect you, to try to represent you fairly and vote on results that could help you best. Hence, vote for me to be your honor committee representative.

Erica Wu ‘13

My name is Erica Wu, and I am a senior applying to be on the Honor and Discipline Committee. I am interested in this position because I want to help maintain fairness and academic honesty at Williams. Through my experiences as a JA and MSRC tutor, and simply as a student at Williams, I understand the many pressures that may make someone look for shortcuts. However, I know that cheating should never be an option. Williams has so much to offer each of us in terms of academic and personal growth, yet we can lose a lot or all of it with a single violation of the Honor Code. I understand the importance of a membership role on the Honor and Discipline Committee, and I believe that I can serve as an unbiased and trustworthy student representative. I will be thorough in analyzing all the facts in each unique situation before passing judgment. Also, my experiences in counseling, as a JA and a RASAN member, have taught me the importance of confidentiality. I can also be an effective student representative by listening to feedback about what the student body wants done or changed regarding our academic honesty policy. I care about Williams and its students, and I hope that by serving on the Honor and Discipline Committee, I can help remind our community about the importance of academic honesty. We can prevent violations by encouraging each other to reach out for help in other ways besides academic dishonesty in order to succeed in our classes. By serving on the Honor and Discipline Committee, I can assist in the communication of reminder messages about our Honor Code and all the resources available to us, such as the MSRC, the Writing Workshop, Psych Services and the Health Center, and our professors and deans. I am interested in learning more about how Williams preserves its academic honesty policy, and I will do my best to uphold the high standard we all set for ourselves by attending such an amazing and reputable institution.