Cricket Club

Williams Cricket Club

This group of fine young men (and women) are known for their awesome punctuality and regular attendance for cricket practices. They practice every Wednesday and Friday from 4-6 pm at the Towne Field House. The team is captained by Lawrence T. Madziwa '07, vice captained by Syed W. J. Iftikhar '08 and the cricket club is run by Ananda V. Burra '07.

The Williams Cricket Team played Middlebury College and defeated them by an incredible margin. (8 wickets with 8 overs to spare) Other games played against Middlebury College have been expunged from the collective memory of the Williams Cricket Team.

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Williams College Cricket Club
Type of groupClub Sports
SelectiveAnyone can show up, there is a selection process for the team
MembershipRoughly 25
Meeting timeDecided every semester based on availability of field house
Meeting placeTowne Field house(practice), Sawyer Lawn/Science Quad(pickup)
Establishedoriginally established in ~1997. Restarted in Spring 2004