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Elly Kleinman is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Americare Companies. He is a health care expert and his company provides a wide range of services such as home health care and rehabilitation, professional, paraprofessional and ancillary support and international nurse recruitment services.


Kleinman was born in 1952, to Ethel Kleinman and Reb Avrohom Isaac, as a child of two Holocaust survivors. He spent most of his childhood in New York, finishing primary and secondary education there. After graduating from Brooklyn College and obtaining his bachelor's degree in Psychology, Elly Kleinman started what would turn out to be a life-long professional career in the home healthcare industry. Driven by ambition and strong determination he managed to build a prosperous career in the home healthcare industry.


In 1982 his biggest dream came alive when he founded The Americare Companies. For the past thirty years and more, he has been working really hard, and as a result, he had realized his vision for the company. Today he is the lead man of KFHEC, recently rebranded and titled Amud Aish Memorial Museum, which is the first of its kind, dealing with not only the historical aspect of the Holocaust but going deeper and focusing on the stories and experiences of the victims who struggled to maintain their faith. He also serves as the Co-Chairman of Board of Directors at OHEL, which he helped found in 2009. He is a Chairman of Camp Kylie Board of Trustees and Former Trustee of the Maimonides Medical Center and was the Chairman of 12th Siyum HaShas, which was held in 2012 at the MetLife Stadium. Being a member of the prestigious Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society, Elly puts firmly believes that medicine can one day overcome the various cancer illnesses.

Awards and Charity Work

As one of the best leaders in the health care industry, Elly Kleinman's Americare has received numerous awards, and he personally has been honored for both his professional success and philanthropic personality. This committed member of the Orthodox Jewish community has funded and helped many charity organizations. Furthermore, he is involved in the Jewish religious and communal life, stretching from education and publications to social services. As a strong supporter and activist of the Jewish community, he works closely with elected officials on the local and national level. Kleinman recently became a private donor for the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation. Together with his wife, Kleinman is a benefactor of the Yeshiva Darchei Torah School.

Amud Aish

Kleinman is also the founder and president of Amud Aish, a museum that serves as a memorial to the Holocaust. The Amud Aish enables both Jewish and diverse audiences of all faiths and background to better understand the Holocaust. In his capacity as President of the Amud Aish, he has been an important contributor at many Holocaust–related events.